101 FA08 HE1Solved.pdf-Physics 101. Hour...
101_FA08_HE1Solved.pdf-Physics 101. Hour Exam I Fall
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101 FA08 HE1Solved.pdf-Physics 101. Hour Exam I Fa...
101_FA08_HE1Solved.pdf-Physics 101. Hour Exam I Fall
101 FA08 HE1Solved.pdf-Physics 101....
101_FA08_HE1Solved.pdf-Physics 101. Hour Exam I Fall
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Physics 101.
Hour Exam 1
Fall 2007
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(24 problems)
The following 2 questions concern the same physical situation:
There is an incline and a block of mass 20 kg on it as shown in the figure.
The angle of
the slope is 40
23. When the horizontal force F whose magnitude is 360 N is applied as shown in the
figure, the block stays stationary on the slope.
What is the magnitude of the normal force
acting on the block from the slope?
a. 150 N
b. 231 N
c. 250 N
d. 331 N
e. 382 N
24. Then, oil is applied between the block and the inclined surface to make the surface
frictionless. The horizontal force F = 360N is still applied as in the figure.
What is the
magnitude of the acceleration of the block?
a. 7.5 m/s
b. 8.6 m/s
c. 9.7 m/s
d. 10.8 m/s
e. 11.9 m/s
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