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224K_amp__E_Chapter_17_Study_Guide.docx-K & E Chapter 17 Health
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224 K & E Chapter 17 Health Wellness & Illness Study Guide
1.The nurse case manager is concerned about a particular client being discharged from the
hospital. Which factors should alert the nurse to possible problems with this client's
adherence to treatment?
The prescribed therapy is costly and of unknown duration.
The therapy will require no lifestyle changes of the client.
The client has not had difficulty understanding the regimen.
The client's culture is supportive of Western medicine.
The correct answer is 1because Adherence to a particular therapy can be
compromised if the therapy is expensive or if the duration of the proposed
therapy is long.
The incorrect answer is234 because
Adherence is the extent to which an individuals
behavior coincides with medical or health advice. If no lifestyle changes are
expected, then adherence should not be an issue.
2. A nurse is working in a rehabilitation center with a client who had a serious injury. Part
of the client's care plan includes working on coping with her current limitations since the
injury. This nurse is working within which model of health?
Role performance
The correct answer is 2because In the adaptive model, health is a creative process;
disease is a failure in adaptation or maladaptation. The aim of treatment is to
restore the ability of the person to adapt and cope, as in a rehabilitation setting.
The incorrect answer is 1because
 The role performance model defines health in
terms of the individuals ability to fulfill societal roles or to perform work. According
to this model, people who fulfill their roles are healthy, even though they may have
an illness.
The incorrect answer is 3because
The eudemonistic model incorporates a
comprehensive view of health, which is seen as a condition of actualization or
realization of a persons potential.

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The incorrect answer is 4because
The clinical model is a narrow interpretation of
health, which is defined by the absence of disease.
3. A community health nurse is testing the theory of locus of control (LOC). Which client
demonstrates the internal control concept of this theory?
A client who takes an active role in all health decisions
A client who allows the primary care provider to make all the decisions
A client who does not make any decisions without his or her spouse's input
A client who relies on information from the local hospital for his or her health needs
The correct answer is 1because Locus of control (LOC) is a concept from social
learning theory. People who exercise internal control are more likely than others to
take the initiative on their own health care and to be more knowledgeable about
their health. They are also more likely to adhere to prescribed health care regimens
such as taking medication, making and keeping appointments with physicians,
maintaining diets, and giving up smoking.
The incorrect answer is 234because
 People who believe their health is largely
controlled by outside forces (chance or others) are referred to as externals.
4. The nurse is assisting a client and his family after the client had a stroke and is no longer
able to return to his previous employment. The nurse has made a referral to vocational
rehabilitation for assistance in retraining the client in a different occupation. With which
component of wellness is the nurse assisting this client?
The correct answer is 3because Occupational components deal with a balance
between work and leisure time. A persons beliefs about education, employment, and
home influence personal satisfaction and relationships with others. Assisting a client
in retraining to find gainful employment and to attain satisfaction in his work is
part of the occupational component of wellness. Because the client requires
retraining, he must learn anew those aspects of a job that allow for growth, which
would better fit under the occupational component of wellness

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