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228_Final_Report_Guidelines.pdf-SOEN228/SOEN298 Lab Final Report Guidelines 1
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228 Final Report Guidelines.pdf-SOEN228/SOEN298 La...
228_Final_Report_Guidelines.pdf-SOEN228/SOEN298 Lab Final Report Guidelines 1
228 Final Report Guidelines.pdf-SOE...
228_Final_Report_Guidelines.pdf-SOEN228/SOEN298 Lab Final Report Guidelines 1
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SOEN228/SOEN298 Lab Final Report Guidelines
As part of the SOEN228/SOEN298 Lab, students are required to write a final
report that discusses the project computer. The focus is on the computer and
its functionality. Discussion of the computer’s components should be limited to
the functional contribution to the computer and not how the components work
This document seeks to shed some light on what is recommended for content.
Ultimately, the goal of the final report is for the students to demonstrate their
knowledge of the assembled computer, how it works and to gain experience in
producing a professional document.
A good indicator of a report’s quality is
that a person should be able to read through the report, construct a replica
of the author’s computer and understand how it works.
This report is worth
of the lab grade and must be done in teams. There is to be no content
about what was learned or anything associated with the preliminary labs. This
report is not to be treated as a regular report, meaning that there should be no
discussion about difficulties, errors when building the project and any additional
content that may be present in previous submissions.
The audience of this document should be somebody with some technical
knowledge of how to wire circuits. It should be assumed that the reader of this
document is aspiring to clone the students’ computer. With this in mind, the
document should be able to provide all the knowledge necessary to know how
to assemble the computer, how it works and what expected outputs should be
What Should Go Into the Document?
The content is to be determined by the students. Previously written work from
lab reports can be used but it is assumed that students are placing correct or
corrected work. Students are required to have the following items present:
Five timing diagrams, one for each instruction
Complete Schematic
Program Listing
Block Diagram of the Computer
Students should consider this report as a short technical manual for their com-
Details are expected but students are to exercise caution so that the
content is not verbose (too long, too wordy or overly detailed).
With this in
mind, students are expected to include sections that are dedicated for each por-
tion of the computer (timing signal generator, bus and so on).
Students are

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expected to determine what content they should place in their reports. That
being said, below is a rough and non-ordered suggestion of sections to include:
Timing Signal Generator
The Data Bus
Program Counter
Onboard Registers
Control Signal Generator
Overview of the Computer
Operation of the Computer
Copying and pasting text directly from lab reports is not tolerated.
Photos are
acceptable. Discussion of parts used, circuits, and specifications is considered
proper content.
Issues faced in the lab and what concepts or lessons students
learned are not to be discussed since these topics were covered throughout the
previously submitted reports.
Diagrams, Formatting and Professionalism
Students are expected to produce a final report that comes across as profes-
This implies that the document is well formatted and easy to read.
It should be easily noticeable that some effort has been made for the layout
and presentation. Included diagrams are to be computer generated, legible and
properly annotated.
Additionally, students are to produce their own diagrams.
Diagrams, schematics and figures copied from elsewhere will not be accepted
even if their respective sources have been cited.
All written content is to be original as well. Tables, diagrams and figures
are to be referenced in the text. An example would be:
“When the 7404 Hex
Inverter is used, the functionality shown in Table 1 is obtained.”
Table 1: Truth Table of a Logic Inverter
Lastly, a professional document is proofread and checked for typographical
errors, legibility, grammar, spelling and consistency. This lab report is not in-
tended to be a writing exercise, and students are expected to take these things

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