228 Lab Grading.docx-Grading scheme 8/10...
228_Lab_Grading.docx-Grading scheme 8/10 Meets all specificaons,
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228 Lab Grading.docx-Grading scheme 8/10 Meets all...
228_Lab_Grading.docx-Grading scheme 8/10 Meets all specificaons,
228 Lab Grading.docx-Grading scheme...
228_Lab_Grading.docx-Grading scheme 8/10 Meets all specificaons,
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Grading scheme
8/10 Meets all specificaons, circuit works clear report
9/10 As above, but excellent work, excellent report
10/10 As above, but above and beyond the call of duty, outstanding report, very
7, 7.5 Weak report
6 or Less Incomplete, weak report
Basically, complete, clear work and report is worth an A grade, i.e. 8
Anything above must be jusfied by professionalism,and presentaon and work beyond
meeng the specs, work and discussion that shows understanding of the special context of
the hardware, and careful explanaon of how errors are avoided. Presentaon is
Instructors should be able to evaluate a report i a few minutes, almost at a glance,
with simple coments such as ;
complete and clear =8
excellent = 9
superb = 10
weak =7.5
confused =7
incomplete 6 or less

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