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228_Lab_Report_Template.docx-SOEN 228 lab: Lab Report Template
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228 Lab Report Template.docx-SOEN 228 lab: Lab Rep...
228_Lab_Report_Template.docx-SOEN 228 lab: Lab Report Template
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228_Lab_Report_Template.docx-SOEN 228 lab: Lab Report Template
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SOEN 228 lab:
Lab Report Template for Reports 1 to 5
Include a cover page
with the following details:
Lab Report Number
1 of 5 ;
2 of 5 …..
Names and ID numbers
Date Submitted:
Purpose of the Lab
Include a brief description of the purpose of this lab experiment
(that is what you were expected to do); and in a separate paragraph
what you have learnt by doing this experiment. If you encountered
certain problems and solved them in a specific manner, describe
them here.
Circuit Diagram:
Draw neatly the circuit diagram that you have used for this Lab
Label each logic element with the following code:
Unit number/gate/ pins.
For example, U1A would refer to:
Unit 1 (for example 7408)
A (for example the AND gate involving pins 1 to 3)
and then (the pin numbers of the AND)
Omit the ground and Vcc wiring for the IC’s.
Circuit operation
Describe briefly the operation of the circuit
Describe the test inputs you used and the outputs you observed.
Comment on these outputs: were they what you expected or did
you have surprises.
As your circuit becomes more complex, your instructors will give you
further instructions on representing modules.
You may draw the circuit by hand, or use the software of your choice for the
diagram. Your instructors may suggest software such as VISIO for this.

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