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25-sidechan-6up.pdf-Computer Science 2021 Side channels and
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25-sidechan-6up.pdf-Computer Science 2021 Side cha...
25-sidechan-6up.pdf-Computer Science 2021 Side channels and
25-sidechan-6up.pdf-Computer Scienc...
25-sidechan-6up.pdf-Computer Science 2021 Side channels and
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Computer Science 2021
Hardware fixes
Best fixes are at the CPU design level, but this is a long
Common so far: microcode patches
CPU vendors take advantage of existing configurability mechanisms
to block some attacks
Sometimes takes form of optional security checks enabled by the
OS, at a performance cost
Deeper micro-architectural changes will allow protection
with less overhead
But transient execution is widespread and critical for performance,
so how to strike the best balance is a complex problem
Computer Science 2021
Computer system design is challenging because what’s
below the abstract barrier can end up mattering a lot
Problems can arise from unusual combinations of existing
We want to improve performance, but breaking security
or correctness is usually going too far
Hardware architects need better ways to assess the
security impacts of micro-architectural decisions

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