2Inheritance.pdf-CPS209: Computer Scienc...
2Inheritance.pdf-CPS209: Computer Science II Inheritance Inheritance
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2Inheritance.pdf-CPS209: Computer Science II Inher...
2Inheritance.pdf-CPS209: Computer Science II Inheritance Inheritance
2Inheritance.pdf-CPS209: Computer S...
2Inheritance.pdf-CPS209: Computer Science II Inheritance Inheritance
Page 44
: The superclass of all classes
All classes extend
Most useful methods:
String toString()
boolean equals(Object otherObject)
Object clone()

Page 45
: toString()
Returns a string representation of the object
Useful for debugging
Example: toString() in class Rectangle returns something like:
toString() used by concatenation operator:
b = new
String test = “xyz” +
b; // means
String test = “xyz” + b.toString();
toString() in class Object returns class name and object address:

Page 46
: The superclass of all classes
It is common to override toString():
public class Employee
public String
return "Employee[name=" + name +
“ "
+ "payRate=” +
+ "]";
. . .

Page 47
class Object: equals(Object other)
equals() tests for equal
. Examples:
BankAccount => compare balance
Coin => compare value
Employee => compare name and/or payRate
== tests for equal memory locations of objects!!
Must cast the “Object other” parameter to subclass
public class Employee
public boolean equals(Object other)
Employee otherEmpl = (Employee) other;
return name.equals(otherEmpl.name) && payRate == otherEmpl.payRate;
Strings are objects so must use equals method in class String to compare two strings!!!
Cannot just write:
return name == otherEmpl.name
&& payRate == otherEmpl.payRate;

Page 48
class Object: equals(Object other)
public class ExecutiveTester
public static void main(String[] args)
Executive exec1 = new Executive();
Executive exec2 = new Executive();
exec2.setName(“bigger bossman”);
if (exec1 == exec2)
System.out.println(“two references to same object”);
if (exec1.equals(exec2))
System.out.println(“two objects with same name and payrate”);

Page 49
Abstract Methods and Classes
When you extend a class, you have choice whether to override a
method or not.
Sometimes want to force the subclass creator to override a method
(method might be common to all subclasses so should define it in
superclass but there is no good default implementation) Example:
area() method of superclass Shape and subclasses (Circle,Rectangle)
You can make the method abstract (just signature, no body):
abstract public double area()
Now subclass programmer
implement method area()

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