8-27-12.pdf-MCB 2210 Instructors: Adam Z...
8-27-12.pdf-MCB 2210 Instructors: Adam Zweifach Ken
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8-27-12.pdf-MCB 2210 Instructors: Adam Zweifach Ke...
8-27-12.pdf-MCB 2210 Instructors: Adam Zweifach Ken
8-27-12.pdf-MCB 2210 Instructors: A...
8-27-12.pdf-MCB 2210 Instructors: Adam Zweifach Ken
Page 1
MCB 2210
Adam Zweifach
Ken Campellone

Page 2
MCB 2210
Teaching Assistants:
Amy Florian, ext. 6-8009
Mike Lemieux, ext. 6-1895

Page 3
There is no required text for this course.
Here are three possibilities if you feel you
just HAVE to have a book
MCB 2210

Page 4
MCB 2210
HuskyCT site
Lecture slides will be posted on the
class web site in pdf format so you can
download them.
We will also be posting lecture audio.
Various announcements will be posted
on the site.

Page 5
MCB 2210
Problem Sets
There will be two problem sets distributed per section
of the course.
They will not be graded.
Many exam questions will be taken in modified form
from these problem sets.
There will be help sessions with the TA to go over the
problem sets.
DO THE PROBLEMS, understand why the right
answer is right and the wrong answers are wrong,

Page 6
MCB 2210
There will be four exams.
The first three will be section exams, occurring on
Sept. 23, Oct. 21 and Nov. 11.
The last will be a combined section exam/ cumulative
final, occurring during the scheduled final exam time.
You may drop or miss one of the section exams, but
not the final.
There will be
one time
prior to the scheduled time at
which students with a conflict may request to take the
exam. We may or may not grant this request.

Page 7
MCB 2210
Syllabus and academic misconduct:
The syllabus is available on the HuskyCT site.
It includes the
academic code, which you are expected to follow.
Academic misconduct in any form is in violation of the University
of Connecticut Student Conduct Code and will not be tolerated.
This includes, but is not limited to:
Copying or sharing answers on tests
Claiming to have a conflict with the time scheduled for the final if
the other exam is not actually occurring during the scheduled
Having someone else take tests for you
Depending on the act, a student could receive an F grade on the
test, F grade for the course, or could be suspended or expelled.
We take cheating very seriously.
Don't do it.

Page 8
How to do well in this class
Look over lecture notes before class
Take notes during class
Copy over notes after class
Review the lecture audio
Do the problem sets!!!!!!!!!!!
Ask the TA for help
Ask other students for help on HuskyCT
Ask the instructors for help
THINK- this is not a memorization course, it is
a concepts course

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