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APS112H1 20181 631553572889APS112113 Midterm A 201...
APS112H1_20181_631553572889APS112113_Midterm_A_2018_-_V2.4_-_ShortAnswer.pdf-Page 1 of 6 University of
APS112H1 20181 631553572889APS11211...
APS112H1_20181_631553572889APS112113_Midterm_A_2018_-_V2.4_-_ShortAnswer.pdf-Page 1 of 6 University of
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University of Toronto, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
APS112 & APS113 Engineering Strategies and Practice
Course Coordinator: Jason Bazylak
Communication Coordinator: Peter Weiss
Instructors: Phil Anderson, Peter Weiss and Elizabeth Edwards
Question Booklet #2 – Short-Answer Question Booklet
Midterm Examination: March 29, 2018, 6:15 pm - 7:45 pm
UTOR Email:
This is a 90-minute midterm with a total of 40 questions.
It is multiple choice AND short answer.
It is closed book and closed notes. No aids are permitted other than a translation-
only paper dictionary.
The questions are divided between two separate booklets.
Question Booklet #1 – Multiple Choice Question Booklet
Question Booklet #2 – Short-Answer Question Booklet
Ensure you have both booklets and a multiple choice answer sheet (scan sheet).
At the end of exam, hand in short-answer question booklet and multiple choice
answer sheet. You don’t have to hand in the multiple choice question booklet.
This booklet contains 3 short-answer questions, worth 14 marks in total. Short-answers
must be answered in the spaces provided in this Short-Answer Question Booklet. This
question booklet, with your name and UTOR Email filled in, must be returned with the
multiple-choice answer sheet slipped inside. Do not separate any pages. Do not write
on the QR code at the top of the pages. We are not looking for long paragraph answers.
Use short sentences or bullet points.

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38. (5 MARKS) You are part of a team that has been asked to design a new street light
(Figure 6). The client only wants to replace the lighting fixture itself, not the pole on
which it is mounted. You have to figure out the maximum weight of the new fixture
so that it can be safely installed. On the next page sketch a diagram that you would
use to clarify your understanding of the physical system.
Figure 6: Original street light

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Use this page to sketch your diagram for Question 38.

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39. (5 MARKS) Estimate how many hotdogs are sold at a Blue Jay’s world series game
in the Rogers Centre Stadium. You don’t have to get the same answer as us, but
you do have to state all assumptions, demonstrate structured thinking, compute a
number, and use appropriate significant figures.

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Driving Event #1: Project Manager Training & Development Program
When the Project Management (PM) Training & Development Coordinator (T&DC)
began work, there was no existing PMT&DC infrastructure at the Center to draw support
from. Additionally, the predominately scientific and engineering community had little
interest in PM and did not view it as a professional discipline. The PMT&DC took
advantage of the lack of existing structure to be creative in fostering interest in and
developing ways to deliver PM training which worked within the Center's culture. This
approach, based on a community service philosophy, has resulted in a thriving PMT&D
program and has made a significant positive impact on the Center's culture. The
strategies used to accomplish this include making and leveraging personal contacts,
developing mutually beneficial relationships with other entities interested in training, and
being actively involved in training scheduling, enrollment and evaluation.
(From NASA
40. (4 MARKS) Through analyzing Driving Event #1:
a. What is one Lessons Learned you can derive?
b. What is one Strategy for the Future that you can derive?

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