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Anthropology 101
Dr. Meyers
Exam 1
Gene flow can occur in which of the following situations?
D.) All of the Above
What are the four subdisciplines of anthropology?
C.) Biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, cultural anthropology,
and archaeology.
If I successfully train myself to finish a triathlon, and then bear children, I
believe I will pass on my nowtrained muscle strength to my children. This is
an example of what?
B.) Lamarkian Evolution
A theory proposed in the 1960’s suggested that during the Salem witch trials,
girls were eating tainted bread which caused them to hallucinate. This theory
is an example of?
B.) Effects of cultural biases in science
The Nacirema are an exotic culture whose practices entail keeping death and
disease at bay, and are nothing like American culture.
B.) False
Which of the following primates are monogamous, lack sexual dimorphism,
and have males that contribute much to the care of the offspring?
C.) Gibbons
What is an ethnography?
B.) A written or visual (film) description of a particular culture
Which of the following is not part of the scientific method?
What is the purpose of archaeology?
To discover how past people lived their lives
Which of the following terms refers to a set of learned behavior and ideas
that human beings acquire as members of a society?
What is anthropology?
The integrated study of human nature, society and the past

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Race is a biological category.
B.) False
Which type of UV ray from the sun stimulates the synthesis of Vitamin D,
which is crucial for healthy bone development, and helps prevent rickets?
C.) UVA rays
14. Why do populations differ genetically?
B.) Because they possess different proportions of the same set of alleles
15. What does Mendelian Inheritance refer to?
D.) The view that heredity is based on nonblending, singleparticle genetic
16. Science strives for objectivity but it can rarely if ever meet the goal of total
objectivity because:
D.) All of the above
17. In the Jonathan Marks article, why does he say that the statement “we are all
apes” is cultural and not biological?
B.) The statement favors ancestry over difference (or descent over
modification) and favoring one over the other is a cultural decision.
18. What is taxonomy?
B.) The biological classification of various kinds of organisms
19. Which of the following refers to a comparison of two or more cultures?
D.) Ethnology
20. Prehistory refers to:
C.) Any past culture that lacks written records
21. The Nacirema culture are
concerned with:
C.) Preventing debilitation of the human body
22. All the genes in the bodies of all members of a given species is known as
B.) Gene pool
23. Skin color has been found to be the one trait that is tied to other traits
biologically, so it is a good predictor of characteristics such as intelligence, height
and athleticism.
B.) False
24. The function of dark skin color is to:
A.) Protect against skin damage

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