Bacterial Isolation assignment MS.docx.d...
Bacterial_Isolation_assignment_MS.docx.docx-Mackenzie Strang Homework Quesons: 10 points
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Bacterial Isolation assignment MS.docx.docx-Macken...
Bacterial_Isolation_assignment_MS.docx.docx-Mackenzie Strang Homework Quesons: 10 points
Bacterial Isolation assignment MS.d...
Bacterial_Isolation_assignment_MS.docx.docx-Mackenzie Strang Homework Quesons: 10 points
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Mackenzie Strang
Homework Quesons: 10 points
1.How did Max most likely get sick and what was the source of the pathogen?
-Max had chicken for dinner the night before he got sick. Chickens feces at the farm were found
to carry anbioc resistant
E. coli
most likely from the amount of anbiocs in
the chicken’s food. The doctor menoned that he did not believe the chicken was cooked
2. What type of agar are we using to culture? Is this agar selecve, differenal, and/or complex?
-The plate used to culture was
agar (SSA). This agar is selecve because it
contains selecve agents that only allow the growth of certain gram-negave bacterial strains
and prevent the growth of gram-posive strains.
3. What color do Salmonella appear on this agar and why?
appear black on the SSA plate because most
strains can reduce
thiosulfate and produce hydrogen sulfide, which reacts with the ferric acid in the medium,
making it black.
4. What color do E. coli appear on SSA and why?
E. coli
appear red on the SSA plate because the medium contains the pH indicator neutral red. It
becomes red when the pH is below 6.8.
E. coli
can cause this change because it is a lactose
fermenng bacterium that converts lactose to lacc acid.
5. Bunsen burners are used extensively in microbiology.
Why is it important to work in close proximity
to a Bunsen burner in order to minimize contaminaon?
-The flame and heat from the Bunsen burner keep away and kill microorganisms that are in the
air, which prevent the plate from being contaminated and overrun with other organisms.
Why was Max’s infecon so hard to treat?
-Max’s infecon was caused by an anbioc resistant strain of
, which means that
any anbiocs he was treated with that would normally work on a bacterial infecon, were not
having any effect.

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