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*Doesn’t test on the children mentioned in the book*
Can never predict the outcome of children, we will never find the
prediction to see how a child turns out.
Early stages are critical
, they are fermented. Bad things happen to
children or if we allow bad things to happen to children.
During pregnancy if there is stress the baby will feel it in the womb.
Drugs taken during pregnancy can affect the child immensely, the
damage that is done is never irreversible.
During birth process, negative impacts can occur and leave the child
permanently disabled.
Early stages have much more impact than later stages.
– change in children over time
Changes in mood, activity level, how attentive they are
When a development change occurs, a big thing occurs.
How your child functions, how they adapt, how they act
– baby on their belly
– baby on their back
Knowing baby terms can lets your doctors know you are well
The head develops more than the body, on its stomach the baby has
to put more work in keeping his head up.
3 months
he is immobile,
5 months
can begin to
– stomach on the ground, but get forwardly mobile
born with a brain that needs to be stimulated to become more
cognitively competent
Developmental change does not only have to be inside of the baby but
on the outside as well. Immobile to mobile.
Keeping the baby in a close connection to the parents and not
experiencing interaction with other children, can lead to a lack in social
In a day care center, children can go through a natural progress to
social skills.
Maladaptive to climbing at the zoo, he found his comfort zone which
creates the development in social skills
Physical developmental stages
Creeping – dragging along, stomach on the ground
Crawling - crawling on all fours, no stomach on the ground
year – standing, usually happens at the crib
Cruising – child will have a swaying movement

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