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CIS_100_Online_Exam_7_PART3.docx-Online Exam 7 Question 1 2.5
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CIS 100 Online Exam 7 PART3.docx-Online Exam 7 Que...
CIS_100_Online_Exam_7_PART3.docx-Online Exam 7 Question 1 2.5
CIS 100 Online Exam 7 PART3.docx-On...
CIS_100_Online_Exam_7_PART3.docx-Online Exam 7 Question 1 2.5
Page 1
Online Exam 7
Question 1
/ 2.5 Points
You still have some XP computers in the network you manage. What is the highest version of
Internet Explorer that you can run on those computers?
A. IE 7
B. IE 8
C. IE 9
D. IE 10
Question 2
/ 2.5 Points
Which of the options below identifies the server that hosts your personal website so that users
can find it over the Internet?
A. Domain name

Page 2
B. IP address
C. DNS name
D. DNS address
Question 3
/ 2.5 Points
You want to browse various job postings on the Internet from your employer’s network. How
can you browse these sites without creating a history within the web browser and ISP that your
boss might be able to view?
A. Turn on “Enable Protected Mode” within the browser.
B. Use a public proxy site when surfing these ads.
C. Use a public DNS server when surfing these ads.

Page 3
D. Issue a recursive DNS query before visiting the websites.
Question 4
/ 2.5 Points
Look at the following URL and identify which part of it is optional if you wanted to type it into a
web browser.
A. http://
B. www.
C. Microsoft
D. com
Question 5
/ 2.5 Points
You are staying at a hotel and you need to use the computers that are offered to guests in the
business center. The computers run Windows 7 and use IE 9 as the default browser. The network
policy at the hotel prevents guests from accessing Internet Options. You do not want other hotel

Page 4
guests who may use the computer after you to know where you went on the Internet. Which
feature below will prevent users from viewing your Internet history?
A. Enable Protected Mode
B. Pop-up Blocker
C. Internet Security Zone
D. InPrivateBrowsing
Question 6
/ 2.5 Points
What is the advantage of using web caching within a network?
A. It ensures that no viruses or malware enter the network.
B. It increases the download speed of websites that users visit.

Page 5
C. It resolves IP addresses to domain names for improved performance.
D. It resolves domain names to IP addresses for improved performance.
Question 7
/ 2.5 Points
You are an online training company and stream a lot of training videos from your location
so your upload speed is just as important as download speed. Which type of Internet
connection would be best for this situation?

Page 6
Question 8
/ 2.5 Points
What is the maximum upload speed you can get on an ISDL Internet connection?
A. 56 KB per second
B. 128 KB per second
C. 144 KB per second
D. 100 MB per second
Question 9
/ 2.5 Points
Your brother just lost his job and wants to build an online profile with a social media site geared
at possible employers and HR recruiters. He asks you if you have a suggestion as to where to go.
What do you tell him?
A. WordPress

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