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(Marwick, 2014, p.1).
Target stores conduct their data mining uniquely by assigning
each customer a single Guest ID number that is linked to their credit card, name, and
even email address. Imagine all that data that Target stores collected from all their
customers overtime and how it easily turned into data breach not too long ago.
mining also played a big role during President Obama’s campaign before the 2012
election. The campaign recruited brilliant data miners and behavioral science experts to
deliver micro targeted demographics to President Obama. The techniques that they used
are far conventional and state of the art. These techniques was able to combine lists of
voters with the list of cable subscribers which then it could then coordinate with any
anonymous ID numbers used to track usage pattern of television set boxes. The same
concept that Target stores used to track the shopping habits of their customers.
Finally, the most interesting data mining technique that I ever experienced other
the Facebook is MyFtiness Pal. MyFitness Pal seamlessly can integrate to any social
media in addition to counting your daily intake calorie. As wild as it might be, regardless
of how will data miners will use these types of data, it will be inevitable. Data mining
will be a part of daily lives regardless.

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