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DeVry_University_Keller_Graduate_School_of_Management_-_MGMT_591_MGMT591_Week_3_Case_Study.docx-Steven Kelley MGMT591 Week 3 Case
DeVry University Keller Graduate Sc...
DeVry_University_Keller_Graduate_School_of_Management_-_MGMT_591_MGMT591_Week_3_Case_Study.docx-Steven Kelley MGMT591 Week 3 Case
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Steven Kelley
Week 3 Case Study
Building a Coalition
First off, we are dealing with a couple different issues.
The Washington, DC.
Public school system, just as most school systems, has seen a decline in student
performance over the recent past.
A few of the issues are truancy, low student
performance and crime.
Just when a new, up and coming teacher or faculty
member gets there, they tend to burn out as they are met with harsh realities in
the classroom.
Part 1 – Group Development
There are 5 stages in the development process of a group and each one plays
an important role as you progress into becoming a fully functioning group.
Forming Stage – The group is starting to form.
Storming Stage – Intragroup conflict, resist constraints
Norming Stage – Relationships develop, demonstrate cohesiveness
Performing Stage – Fully functional, performing the task at hand.
Adjourning Stage – for temporary groups, wrapping up activities.
In my opinion the group is stuck in the forming stage as they are still talking
about the different candidates to put together to assemble the group.
There has
already been one group assembled, between the Woodson Foundation and the
Washington, D.C. public school system and they have decided to form another

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group to focus on developing an experimental after school program.
If all parties
involved understood the group forming process, things might flow a little more
They would understand that the group would need to include people
that were willing work together to assist in bringing back the quality of education.
As I understand there is a process in reaching the final destination, the members
that are selected to participate in the group also need to understand they were
chosen for a reason.
Part 2 – Problem Identification
As with any group, there is always going to be conflict to some extent.
In this
case, there are a couple different groups from which the members of the group
are going to be pulled from.
The Woodson Foundation, the School system and a
parental group, The National Coalition for Parental Involvement in Education
(NCPIE) will all be supplying members to the group.
The first issue I see and
probably the most important one is that the school system has already mentioned
that any new jobs that are created need to be unionized and will operate in a
manner that is consistent with current school board policies.
The school district
is concerned they will lose control of the new operations if they are not holding
the most dominant position.
Second, and probably just as important, would be
the demographic diversity issues of the affected regions.
Most of the schools
population is African American, along with Caucasians and Hispanics.
NCPIE typically has the same make-up of the student population, obviously as
they are the parents of the students in the school system.
Where the problem

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