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EET282_Homework4.docx.docx-EET282 Homework 4 1. What is
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EET282 Homework4.docx.docx-EET282 Homework 4 1. Wh...
EET282_Homework4.docx.docx-EET282 Homework 4 1. What is
EET282 Homework4.docx.docx-EET282 H...
EET282_Homework4.docx.docx-EET282 Homework 4 1. What is
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Homework 4
What is the standard for Bluetooth?
The standard for Bluetooth is 802.15
What is Bluesnarfing?
Bluesnarfing is basically when you are able to gain unauthorized access to another users device by
using a Bluetooth capable device.
What is WPA?
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is a security standard that uses TKIP for encryption. More secure
than WEP.
What does QoS stand for and what does it mean?
Quality of Service (QoS) basically is the measure of how well a network is able to achieve its
prescribed capabilities, such as achieving high bandwidth and quality network performance.
What are the ways by which Information Security (IS) is protected?
It is most important to protect information using the IS security triad: Confidentiality, Integrity
and Availability (CIA). This ensures a comprehensive approach to protecting important security
information such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Most of this accomplished by
ensuring your personnel are trained regularly, you implement and maintain security policies and
that your products meet current securtiy standards.
Name the antenna that is shown below
omnidirectional antenna.
Its transmission power is equal in all
horizontal directions (
T/ F).
Why is it important to get OS updates as soon as possible?
For the most part, operating system updates fix bugs, add new features, and most importantly
security updates. While these updates do not come out as often as the threats emerge, that is why it
also important to have anti-virus software installed on your devices.
What are the functions of RADIUS server?
A RADIUS server basically allows for remote access servers, receiving connection requests from
RADIUS client to authenticate users and then returns the necessary information back. It also
essentially performs AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting).

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Wireless Bridges can be used for connection of networks between two buildings on the order of 1 to 18
miles apart at data rates of about 11 Mbps. (T/ F)

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