FILM2153 Notebook.pdf-FILM2153 Notebook ...
FILM2153_Notebook.pdf-FILM2153 Notebook Life of an American
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FILM2153 Notebook.pdf-FILM2153 Notebook Life of an...
FILM2153_Notebook.pdf-FILM2153 Notebook Life of an American
FILM2153 Notebook.pdf-FILM2153 Note...
FILM2153_Notebook.pdf-FILM2153 Notebook Life of an American
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FILM2153 Notebook
Frontier, in the past, savagery vs civilization motif
Adaptable to film due to visual motifs eg. landscape, costume
Agents of civilization vs outlaws, heroes tip the scales in favor of civilization
Great variety of settings and plots can be made into westerns as long as these
principles are adhered to
Universal genres vs borrowed genres (originating in one culture but spreading) vs local
genres specific to a certain culture
Purposeful, designed to reinforce ideas, change minds/behavior, aimed at internal or
external audience
May be truth, selective truth, part lies or fully lies
May be attacks on others or good about ‘us’
Word has pejorative connotations now vs. advertising
Office of War Information (US), Ministry of Information (UK), Ministry of Public
Enlightenment and Propaganda (Germany)

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