Final Narative Essay.doc-Payton Kla Nar...
Final_Narative_Essay.doc-Payton Kla Narrave Essay Writ. 101
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Final Narative Essay.doc-Payton Kla Narrave Essa...
Final_Narative_Essay.doc-Payton Kla Narrave Essay Writ. 101
Final Narative Essay.doc-Payton Kla...
Final_Narative_Essay.doc-Payton Kla Narrave Essay Writ. 101
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Payton Kla
Narrave Essay
Writ. 101
Final Copy
The Playground
As I sprinted out of Mrs. Wade third grade class for the last me that school year, I
could not wait to get home. That day was the beginning of summer, and I was especially
happy to return to my house and my neighbors. Earlier that week, my dad and my
neighbors, the Lamasons, started building a playground for our families. The Lamason
children and I were inseparable during our childhoods as we grew up together. The building
of a playground was a logical step in our childhood. It is praccally a fact that almost all
childhood friends need a playground. This was the place where we would spend hours on
end exploring our imaginaons, turning the playground into a pirate ship, a deep and dark
cave, or a spaceship. The building of this playground made me so excited on that day.
I was anxious to see the final product from the “Build Your Own Playground” starter
kit. When I pulled into the driveway of my house, the red canopy of the playground was
peeking through trees. As my mom rushed me into the house and sat me down for my daily
aſterschool snack, I could only think of the playground. I was hoping it was all that I
expected. Aſter I devoured my usual peanut buer and jelly sandwich, I sped out of my back
door. I was soon met by my dad with a blindfold in his hand. He instructed me to e it on
ght and made sure I could not peak out of the boom. He took my hand and walked me
down the stairs of the deck and onto the cold and damp grass. This walk across my backyard
felt like an eternity. Just as I was walking, I felt something I did not expect, woodchips. My
dad gave me a slight tug on my shirt that I understood as my signal to stop. Just then, I
heard the familiar voices of Troy, Cara, and Zoey Lamason. They were asking why they were
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blindfolded, I wondered the same thing. Then I heard my dad count 1…2…3… and just like
that my blindfold was gone.
I was leſt in amazement at the playground that stood in front of both the Lamason
children and me. We stood on the golden brown woodchips that surrounded our castle. The
ladder that led to the monkey bars was cold to the touch. The monkey bars were an
invitaon to unleash the child in me. The yellow swings lay dormant, and their chain link
supports were begging to be broken in by us. The re swing swayed slowly like a call to the
fun awaing. The climbing wall that was adjacent to the re swing led to the top of the
playground. The top of the playground was a fort like structure with three wooden walls and
a slide in place of the other wall. The red canopy I had seen earlier when pulling into the
driveway covered it. The floor and walls were made of a rich wood that was sturdy enough
to hold all four of us at once. There was a steering wheel on one of the walls and above of it
was a window. This window made it possible to see the golf course that was behind my
house. The window and steering wheel served as the captain’s steering room on this
massive cruise liner. On the opposite wall, there was an opening to the slide down. This slide
was by far the most enjoyable part of the playground. This yellow slide spiraled down to the
ground and was guaranteed to make you dizzy. This amazing playground was all I ever
wanted, and I am sure the Lamason children felt the exact same emoons that were rushing
inside of me.
This, being the first day of summer, was the perfect me for the unveiling of the
playground. It would become the centerpiece of my and the Lamason children’s summer.
Everyday I would wake up by my doorbell ringing. The Lamasons wanted me to come
outside and play on the playground with them. Of course, I did not waste a second to get
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