ISSC340Week4Assignment 1 RDiaz.docx-Name...
ISSC340Week4Assignment_1_RDiaz.docx-Name: Date: ISSC340 Week 4 Assignment
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ISSC340Week4Assignment 1 RDiaz.docx-Name: Date: IS...
ISSC340Week4Assignment_1_RDiaz.docx-Name: Date: ISSC340 Week 4 Assignment
ISSC340Week4Assignment 1 RDiaz.docx...
ISSC340Week4Assignment_1_RDiaz.docx-Name: Date: ISSC340 Week 4 Assignment
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In this section, write your answer in short essay form: Describe the basic features of
physical star topologies. Provide as much detail as possible. (Minimum word count: 80)
Star Topology is the most recognized type of network topology that is used in homes and
offices. In the Star Topology there is a central connection point called the hub which is a
computer hub or sometimes just a switch. In a Star Network the best advantage is when there is a
miscarriage in cable then only one computer may be affected and not the total network. The Star
Network Topology typically needs more cable to be networked than the usual Bus topology. A
common cable that is used in Star Network is the UTP or the unshielded twisted pair cable. In a
Star Network the entire network is dependent on the hub so if the entire network is not working
then there could be a problem with the hub. This feature makes it easy to troubleshoot by
offering a single point for error connection ad at the same time the dependency is also very high
on that single point.

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