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ITDS_1114__Lecture_19___Energy.pdf-Daniel Eisert Design Appreciation November 2,
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ITDS 1114 Lecture 19 Energy.pdf-Daniel Eisert D...
ITDS_1114__Lecture_19___Energy.pdf-Daniel Eisert Design Appreciation November 2,
ITDS 1114 Lecture 19 Energy.pdf-...
ITDS_1114__Lecture_19___Energy.pdf-Daniel Eisert Design Appreciation November 2,
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Daniel Eisert
Design Appreciation
November 2, 2020
Lecture XIX: Energy
VIDEO: 2015 MOTH WORLDS Showreel
Roughly 100 pounds and easy to carry on the roof rack of a Prius.
Requires no gasoline but requires skill to use.
VIDEO: An Energy-Independent Future
The days of cheap energy are limited.
It is time to improve the environment and move away from a petroleum-based economy.
The last eight U.S. presidents have gone on television and promised to move America towards
an energy-independent future.
ARTICLE: Will Fossil Fuels Be Able to Maintain Economic Growth? A
Q&A with Charles Hall
A lot of energy is required to extract the oil needed to power other things.
It is becoming increasingly difficult to extract new supplies of oil.
We can’t pay more and more for oil to get enough to run society.
VIDEO: How Does Fracking Work?
The well is ready 3-4 months after initial construction.
3-6 million gallons of water is used per well.
It can have a notable impact on local water
Lots of toxic waste water is produced.
There are links between fraction and increased seismic activity.
Lots of methane leaks out during fracking pumping.
VIDEO: Energy Efficient Places
Americans use a lot of energy driving.
Other nations are more densely populated.
Other countries drive more fuel efficient vehicles because of gas excise fees.
We spend a lot of energy working on our infrastructure for vehicles.
Daniel Eisert
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