LBB 3 Mens Bodies.ppt-Men’s Bodies LeVay...
LBB_3_Mens_Bodies.ppt-Men’s Bodies LeVay, Baldwin & Baldwin,
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LBB 3 Mens Bodies.ppt-Men’s Bodies LeVay, Baldwin ...
LBB_3_Mens_Bodies.ppt-Men’s Bodies LeVay, Baldwin & Baldwin,
LBB 3 Mens Bodies.ppt-Men’s Bodies ...
LBB_3_Mens_Bodies.ppt-Men’s Bodies LeVay, Baldwin & Baldwin,
Page 1
Men’s Bodies
LeVay, Baldwin & Baldwin, Ch. 3

Page 2
“My brain is my
second favorite
Woody Allen

Page 3
“In much male discourse, the
remaining parts of a man’s body are
reduced to a set of appendages for
getting his penis to the right place at
the right time.
…. No wonder men
focus so much attention on the penis
and are so gravely concerned when
it fails to perform as advertised.”
(LeVay & Valente, 2
Ed., p. 88)

Page 4
“…The penis corresponds to the
clitoris, urethra, and vagina all
rolled into one, because it is
involved in sexual arousal,
excretion of urine, and the transfer
of gametes from the male to the
(LeVay & Baldwin, 4
Ed. p. 88)

Page 5
External Male Genitalia (Penis
and Scrotum)
The uncircumcised penis consists of a
shaft, glans, and foreskin.
Circumcision is the surgical removal of
the foreskin or prepuce.
The shaft of the penis contains three
erectile structures: two corpora
cavernosa and one corpus spongiosum.
The corpus spongiosum extends from the
shaft into the glans of the penis

Page 6
and uncircumcised
The two middle
pictures are of an
uncircumsized penis
in the flaccid (upper)
and erect states.
The other 2 penises
are circumsized.

Page 7
Figure 3.1
The male external genitalia (Part 2)

Page 8
Male circumcision
Worldwide, ~ ¼ of all men are circumcised.
Religiously prescribed for Muslims and Jews.
USA: ~ 1/3 are circumcised; rate is declining.
Risks: bleeding, infection, damage to penis
10-fold decrease in urinary tract infections in infancy
Lower risk of sexually transmitted diseases, including
(which helps prevent penile cancer & helps
protect female partner from cervical cancer
(prevents buildup of smegma, a cheesy substance
with foul odor & taste

Page 9
The Male External Genitalia Are the Penis and Scrotum
In the U.S., most circumcisions are done
soon after birth.
In Africa, adult circumcision is encouraged
as a means to reduce transmission of HIV.
A nonsurgical device called PrePex makes
the procedure easy and safe.

Page 10
Figure 3.2
Circumcision with the PrePex device

Page 11
The Male External Genitalia Are the Penis and Scrotum
Infant circumcision rates in the U.S. have
dropped since 1980, mostly due to a
decrease in the western states, where the
number of Hispanic newborns has
Circumcision is most popular among whites,
less popular among African-Americans,
and least popular among Hispanics and

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