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LBB_3_Mens_Bodies.ppt-Men’s Bodies LeVay, Baldwin & Baldwin,
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LBB 3 Mens Bodies.ppt-Men’s Bodies LeVay, Baldwin ...
LBB_3_Mens_Bodies.ppt-Men’s Bodies LeVay, Baldwin & Baldwin,
LBB 3 Mens Bodies.ppt-Men’s Bodies ...
LBB_3_Mens_Bodies.ppt-Men’s Bodies LeVay, Baldwin & Baldwin,
Page 57
Contents of semen
100-700 million sperm: ~ 1% of total
volume of ejaculate
Fructose for energy
Buffers that keep pH alkaline (7.2 –
Semenogelin: After ejaculation it
coagulates to trap sperm.
Zinc ions from prostate to trigger

Page 58
Contents of semen
Citric acid: prevents premature
Prostaglandins: may stimulate female
repro. tract to propel sperm
Antioxidants, including vitamin C
Prostate specific antigen (PSA):
liquefies the coagulate, so sperm can
swim freely

Page 59
Glandular contributions to semen

Page 60
Box 3.5
The Secret Life of Semen

Page 61
Disorders of the Testicles
Testicular cancer affects approximately 7400 men in
the United States annually
Orchitis is inflammation of the testicles
Epididymitis is inflammation of the epididymis
A varicocele is enlargement of the veins that drain the
A hydrocele is a collection of fluid around the testis

Page 62
The Testicles Produce Sperm and Sex Hormones
Risk factors for testicular cancer include a
history of undescended testicles, other
developmental abnormalities of the
testicles, and Klinefelter syndrome.
Regular testicular self-examination is
recommended for men at increased risk.

Page 63
Disorders of the testicles
Testicular cancer:
common in young
men, like Lance
Orchitis or
epididymitis: infection
of testicle or
enlargement of veins
that drain testicle
Hydrocele: fluid in

Page 64
Testicular self-examination
Choose warm
location, so muscles
don’t contract.
Normal for one
testicle to be larger
than the other.
Feel for any lumps,
tender areas, round
or irregular masses,
change in
consistency or size
from the previous

Page 65
Disorders of the Prostate Gland
Chronic pelvic pain syndrome, or chronic prostatitis,
causes pain during urination and ejaculation.
Benign prostatic hyperplasia is enlargement of the
prostate that occurs with age.
Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in
men following skin cancer.

Page 66
The Testicles Produce Sperm and Sex Hormones
Semen is a thick, cloudy, white fluid that is
ejaculated from the penis at sexual climax.
The seminal vesicles add secretions to the
The prostate gland surrounds the urethra
and secretes an alkaline fluid during
ejaculation that mixes with sperm to make

Page 67
Prostate examination
“Enlarged prostate”:
common in older men:
constricts urethra and may
press against bladder.
Prostate cancer: symptoms
similar to enlarged
prostate, also high levels of
prostate specific antigen
(PSA) the enzyme that
liquefies the coagulated
More recent: PCA3 genetic

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