Lecture 12.pdf-Lecture 12 Servile Wars ●...
Lecture_12.pdf-Lecture 12 Servile Wars ● Accumulation
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Lecture 12.pdf-Lecture 12 Servile Wars ● Accumulat...
Lecture_12.pdf-Lecture 12 Servile Wars ● Accumulation
Lecture 12.pdf-Lecture 12 Servile W...
Lecture_12.pdf-Lecture 12 Servile Wars ● Accumulation
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Lecture 12
Servile Wars
Accumulation of lands by the rich resulted in the creation of huge estates especially in
the south - latifundia
These estates had a huge number of slaves who were treated with terrible conditions
135 to 132 BCE on Sicily - 1st war
Gladiators and Games
Gladiators: prisoners of war, slaves who tried to run away, some free men who wanted
money (free gladiators could keep the prize money they earned)
Trained at gladiator games
Trained under harsh conditions
Spartacus the Thracian
We do not know very much about Spartacus and sometimes the sources are confusing
and contradictory
He was from Thrace - in Northern Greece
Possible served as a soldier with the Romans but taken prisoner and was sold as
a gladiator
Capua is a city in Campania - biggest amphitheaters in Roman world
Rebellion 73 BCE
73 BCE - Spartacus with a group of fellow gladiators plot to escape from the ludus
Seized weapons and armor and flee to nearby regions - eventually to Mt. Vesuvius
Crixus and Oenomaus - 2 leader gladiators from Gaul
73-71 BCE
Romans sent the praetor Gaius Claudius Glaber to kill the rebels, but manage to escape
using ropes made from vines
Rebels kill most of Roman army
Spartacus’ army grew by collecting free workers on rural estates as well as runaway
slaves - about 70,000 men
Defeated by Romans but Spartacus then defeated Roman army
Romans are in despair and choose as the leader of the expedition - Marcus Licinius
Crassus (very wealthy) - could finance a whole legion
Manages to confine Spartacus in the south and in 71 BCE - decides to cross over Sicily
but didn't work
Spartacus tries to negotiate with Crassus
Crassus wins a final battle in the south - in Lucania
Cicero - Lawyer and statesman (106-43 BCE)
Born in Arpinum
No noble background
“New man”

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63 BCE
Voting takes place the year before in 64 BCE
2 candidates are of patrician background, one is not

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