Lecture 16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo, Sam,...
Lecture_16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo, Sam, and
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Lecture 16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo, Sam, and
Lecture_16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo, Sam, and
Lecture 16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo,...
Lecture_16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo, Sam, and
Page 3
Frodo was thrust with the Ring task, but Sam didn't!
Sam is somewhat enjoying it! It's like a fairy tale to him!
They even talk about telling stories of this
Frodo says “they'll talk about Samwise the Brave”
Sam thinks Frodo's making fun of him, but he's not
Sam has been growing!
Sam's Sympathy of Dead Warrior
Sam sees the first dead man he's ever seen up close up that had fallen in battle
Sam starts thinking “What's his name? Did he want to come here and fight, or would he
rather have stayed home in peace?”
This shows Tolkien's idea that war isn't “good vs. evil”
On BOTH sides of war, there are angels and orcs, and there are plain men
Faramir is another one of these Tolkien heroes harassing the enemy
Excellent bowmen, dressed in green, very much like Robin Hood
We don't know yet that Faramir is Boromir's brother
Faramir says “Whatever Isildur's Bane is, I will not touch it” or w/e
He shares Aragorn's nobility, and it's a kind of nobility we don't understand anymore
these days
In the movie, however, Faramir does the opposite!
Sam eventually gets over his distrust of Faramir and he accidentally blurts out that Isildur's
Bane is the Ring
Then, Faramir understands everything and STILL says he doesn't want to even see it!
He just lets them go!
Faramir says that Gondor (his own nation) brought about its own destruction!

Page 4
He essentially says that the last people of Gondor were only looking in their past at their
Golden Age instead of looking forward
Like many of Tolkien's heroes, Faramir is very pessimistic
He thinks that there is no hope for return for Gondor, but he still fights on
This is much like Frodo, who has no hope for his mission, but still fights on
This is Tolkien's idea of bravery without hope: thinking that you're going to lose, but
fighting on anyways
It is suggested that Faramir was a disciple of Gandalf
Faramir is really anti-war, and he does not love battle
He loves Gondor, and that's why he's fighting
Faramir and Religion
It's with Faramir where we see the only religious practice in the entire series
Before every meal, the men face west and put their hands on their chests
They are looking west to acknowledge the Valar and Aman, and thus indirectly Eru
They are “the faithful”
Problem with Nazgul and Frodo Scene in the Movie
There is a scene in the movie where the Nazgul flies down and Frodo tries to give him the
Sam tackles Frodo and the Nazgul is hit with an arrow and flies away
This makes absolutely no sense, because the Nazgul and Sauron have fully connected
minds, so Sauron would know EXACTLY where the Ring is, right next to Mordor!
Gandalf's trick of taking Pippin to Minas Tirith would have failed because Sauron would
know it's not there
Sauron would have sent ALL of his troops to right where Frodo was!
Shelob's Lair and Sam's Heroism

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