Lecture 16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo, Sam,...
Lecture_16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo, Sam, and
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Lecture 16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo, Sam, and
Lecture_16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo, Sam, and
Lecture 16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo,...
Lecture_16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo, Sam, and
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The conflicts with Shelob are Sam's clear demonstrations of heroism and growth
Sam thinks Frodo's dead and says “Don't go where I can't follow”
Sam sees Shelob towering above Frodo
Sam, purely out of love and devotion to Frodo and with no thought of his own, brings
every ounce of his energy and anger upon this spider and is successful!
It's Sam's devotion to Frodo, his heart (and not his brain), that plots his course
Sam uses the Ring and overhears the Orcs
He learns that Frodo's not dead
The Orcs think it's an Elf Warrior who defeated Shelob!
Sam has a debate between his head and his heart much like Gollum does with Sméagol!

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