Lecture 16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo, Sam,...
Lecture_16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo, Sam, and
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Lecture 16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo, Sam, and
Lecture_16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo, Sam, and
Lecture 16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo,...
Lecture_16.docx-Lecture 16  Frodo, Sam, and
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Lecture 16
Frodo, Sam, and Gollum
There's the Master-Servant relationship between Frodo and Sam
There's the relationship between Frodo and Gollum (whom he calls Sméagol)
There is importance in Frodo always calling him Sméagol!
By using his pre-Gollum name, this is Frodo trying to get in touch with that possibly
accessible creature (Sméagol) under this creature created by the Ring (Gollum)
When Sméagol says “we,” he means Sméagol, Gollum, and the Ring (it's become a part
of his identity)
Sméagol is a predecessor to the Stoorish Hobbits (they were water folk)
So racially, all 3 are essentially equal
Frodo says to Gollum that “the Ring could ultimately destroy him”
Sam looks at Frodo and sees that Frodo has acquired a kind of power that Sam has never
seen in him before (see the chapter The Black Gate is Closed)
“and such would be my command” to find the important quote
Sméagol is completely devastated by this
Frodo has power over Gollum because Frodo has the Ring
Is Gollum Redeemable?
Possibly! But it seems that, as long as the Ring exists, there is no hope
Things just really don't look good for Gollum
Gandalf and all of the other people allowed him to live, so one might say that Gandalf had
But perhaps Gandalf's foresight was just that Gollum has a role to play in the Ring
quest, but nothing personal about Gollum's redemption specifically
What is this role, though? Seems awful...

Page 2
If there's anything redeemable to for Gollum, it would be in The Two Towers
When he makes his decision to go to the east and just be Gollum, he made his decision
and now it's too late
When he's more Sméagol-like, he talks more in the first-person, but when he's more
Gollum-like, he talks more in the third-person
He leads Frodo to the gate, but he's terrified of Mordor (he got tortured there)
When Sam and Frodo are essentially cuddling, we see that Gollum comes over and touches
Frodo and actually seems like a withered Hobbit
The affection of Hobbits is what gives him a chance at redemption!
However, Sam wakes up and yells at Gollum because he doesn't trust Gollum
He later apologizes, but this was Gollum's last chance at redemption and Sam screwed it
The Dead Marshes
They've been going to bad-lands, but now they get to the Dead Marshes
Here, we really see Tolkien's memories of World War I coming out
In the battle that Tolkien participated in, you see a wasteland and, as you cross trench-to-
trench, it was not uncommon to see dead bodies in the water
These dead bodies came from the Last Alliance
This is from when, at the end of the Second Age, the Last Alliance of Elves and Men
fought right in front of Mordor
The fact that you can see the bodies still implies that there is a dark enchantment on the
We also see lights, which can be attributed to “Will-o'-the-Wisp”
Sam and Frodo, Fairy Tale Experience
They see these giant elephants, and all of this other crazy stuff on their journey

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