Modern Operating Systems by Herbert Bos ...
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Modern Operating Systems by Herbert Bos and Andrew...
Modern_Operating_Systems_by_Herbert_Bos_and_Andrew_S._Tanenbaum_4th_Ed.pdf-M ODERN O PERATING S YSTEMS
Modern Operating Systems by Herbert...
Modern_Operating_Systems_by_Herbert_Bos_and_Andrew_S._Tanenbaum_4th_Ed.pdf-M ODERN O PERATING S YSTEMS
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CHAP. 11
Yet another change was the introduction of what Microsoft calls
Account Control
). This is to address the chronic problem in Windows where
most users run as administrators.
The design of Windows does not require users to
run as administrators, but neglect over many releases had made it just about impos-
sible to use Windows successfully if you were not an administrator.
Being an
administrator all the time is dangerous.
Not only can user errors easily damage the
system, but if the user is somehow fooled or attacked and runs code that is trying to
compromise the system, the code will have administrative access, and can bury it-
self deep in the system.
With UAC, if an attempt is made to perform an operation requiring administra-
tor access, the system overlays a special desktop and takes control so that only
input from the user can authorize the access (similarly to how CTRL-ALT-DEL
works for C2 security).
Of course, without becoming administrator it is possible
for an attacker to destroy what the user really cares about, namely his personal
files. But UAC does help foil existing types of attacks, and it is always easier to
recover a compromised system if the attacker was unable to modify any of the sys-
tem data or files.
The final security feature in Windows is one we have already mentioned.
There is support to create
protected processes
which provide a security boundary.
Normally, the user (as represented by a token object) defines the privilege bound-
ary in the system.
When a process is created, the user has access to process
through any number of kernel facilities for process creation, debugging, path
names, thread injection, and so on.
Protected processes are shut off from user ac-
cess. The original use of this facility in Windows was to allow digital rights man-
agement software to better protect content.
In Windows 8.1, protected processes
were expanded to more user-friendly purposes, like securing the system against at-
tackers rather than securing content against attacks by the system owner.
Microsoft’s efforts to improve the security of Windows have accelerated in
recent years as more and more attacks have been launched against systems around
the world. Some of these attacks have been very successful, taking entire countries
and major corporations offline, and incurring costs of billions of dollars.
Most of
the attacks exploit small coding errors that lead to buffer overruns or using memory
after it is freed, allowing the attacker to insert code by overwriting return ad-
dresses, exception pointers, virtual function pointers, and other data that control the
execution of programs.
Many of these problems could be avoided if type-safe lan-
guages were used instead of C and C++.
And even with these unsafe languages
many vulnerabilities could be avoided if students were better trained to understand
the pitfalls of parameter and data validation, and the many dangers inherent in
memory allocation APIs.
After all, many of the software engineers who write code
at Microsoft today were students a few years earlier, just as many of you reading
this case study are now. Many books are available on the kinds of small coding er-
rors that are exploitable in pointer-based languages and how to avoid them (e.g.,
Howard and LeBlank, 2009).

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