Module 10.docx-Module 10 For this assign...
Module_10.docx-Module 10 For this assignment, I
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Module 10.docx-Module 10 For this assignment, I
Module_10.docx-Module 10 For this assignment, I
Module 10.docx-Module 10 For this a...
Module_10.docx-Module 10 For this assignment, I
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Module 10
For this assignment, I focused on the 2002 piece,
Five Economies (big hunt, lile hunt)
Catherine Sullivan. This work is a film that involves one actress playing several different roles
and styles. She transforms through different roles, which according to Sullivan, demonstrates
how the actress is a “transcendent figure.” This film was put together based on a few different
sources, including film, real life, and research. Ulmately Sullivan was trying to compile sources
that represented paradox – “the strange cultural fixaon that we find pleasure in the
misfortune of others.” Her enre project revolves around this idea, and thus she pulls from
films about Helen Keller, as well as from Irish wake amusement, a social ritual. All of the actors
also fulfill several different roles in the performance, which helps to accentuate a person’s
ability to transform. Sullivan also states that she is interested in represenng movement within
the actors, as she states, “the content itself suggests oppressive cultural regimes, to which I
would like the movement to be analogous
.” I believe that Sullivan was successful in conveying
her message of paradox and transformaon, because of her use of actors who change roles
throughout the performance, as well as her use of research from other sources. By pulling from
previous works which demonstrate how people can find “pleasure” in the misery of others,
Sullivan is creang a work which provides examples, as well as acng out, of the point that she
is ulmately trying to make. This reinforces her goal, thus making this work extremely
1: “Performance.”

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