Quiz History Unit 2 Quiz.pdf-Unit 2 Qui...
Quiz_History__Unit_2_Quiz.pdf-Unit 2 Quiz Results for Roger
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Quiz History Unit 2 Quiz.pdf-Unit 2 Quiz Results ...
Quiz_History__Unit_2_Quiz.pdf-Unit 2 Quiz Results for Roger
Quiz History Unit 2 Quiz.pdf-Unit ...
Quiz_History__Unit_2_Quiz.pdf-Unit 2 Quiz Results for Roger
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Question 16
The company for which you work has a multilevel administrative
team that is segmented by departments and locations. There are
four major locations, and you are in the Northeast group. You have
been assigned to the administrative group that is responsible for
creating and maintaining network shares for files and printers in
your region. The last place you worked was a large Windows Server
2003 network, where you had a much wider range of
responsibilities. You are excited about the chance to learn more
about Windows Server 2012.
For your first task, you have been given a list of file and printer
shares that need to be created for the users in your region. You
ask how to create them in Windows Server 2012, and you are told
that the process of creating a share is the same as with Windows
Server 2003. You create the shares and use NETUSE to test them.
Everything appears to work fine, so you send out a message that
the shares are available. The next day, you start receiving calls
from users who say they cannot see any of resources you created.
What is the most likely reason for the calls from the users?
You forgot to enable NetBIOS for the shares.
You need to force replication for the shares to appear in the
You need to publish the shares in the directory.
The shares will appear within the normal replication period.
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Question 17
You are the administrator of an organization with a single Active
Directory domain. One of your senior executives tries to log onto a
machine and receives the error "This user account has expired. Ask
your administrator to reactivate your account." You need to make
sure that this doesn't happen again to this user. What do you do?
Configure the domain policy to disable account lockouts.
Configure the password policy to extend the maximum
password age to 0.
Modify the user's properties to set the Account Never
Expires setting.
Modify the user's properties to extend the maximum
password age to 0.
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Question 18
You want to ensure that users are protected from spyware threats
and that they are warned if spyware tries to install itself on the
user's computer. What should you enable?
Windows Defender
Windows Explorer Essentials
Internet Explorer popup blocker
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Question 19
Maria is a user who belongs to the Sales distribution global group.
She is not able to access the laser printer that is shared on the
network. The Sales global group has full access to the laser printer.
How do you fix the problem?
Change the group type to a security group.
Add the Sales global group to the Administrators group.
Add the Sales global group to the Printer Operators group.
Change the Sales group to a local group.
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Question 20
You are the administrator for a large organization. You have
multiple Windows Server 2012 systems that all contain files that
need to be shared for all users. The files and folders constantly
move among servers, and users are having a hard time finding files
they need. What can you implement to help your users out?
Encrypting File System (EFS)
Distributed File System (DFS)
Correct Answer
Shared File System (SFS)
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