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RST exam 3.docx-RST Exam #3 Chapter 9 Formal
RST_exam_3.docx-RST Exam #3 Chapter 9 Formal
RST exam 3.docx-RST Exam #3 Chapter...
RST_exam_3.docx-RST Exam #3 Chapter 9 Formal
Page 3
one billion of a second
Biological time-
time controlled by biological processes
Endogenous rhythms-
timing generated within an organism
Circadian clock-
daily rhythm of activity and rest
Cultural time-
socially established perceptions of time
Time urgency-
feeling rushed
Time deepening-
doing multiple activities at the same time w/o fully experiencing
any of them
Homo faber-
human as worker
Homo iudens-
human as player
Work ethic-
belief in the virtues of hard work, including its ability to enhance
colloquially, compulsiveness about working
applying the behaviors and performance standards of work toe
Central life interest-
the primary focus of one’s life
Chapter 6
the study of earth and its life
meteorological elements, including temperature, precipitation, and wind,
that characterize a region over a period of time
the frequency with which something occurs in space
the extent of a feature’s spread over space
geometric arrangement of objects in space
a subjective and negative judgment about the number of people in a
given space
Space-time compression-
processes that accelerate the experience of time and
thus reduce the significance of distance
smells are place related

Page 4
Place attachment-
an emotional bond between a person and a certain place
Place identity-
a place provides the source of self-identification for a person
efficient use of natural resources over long term
protection of natural resources from human damage

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