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SCIN_136_Mid_Term_Exam.docx-Part 1 of 1 - 98.42/
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SCIN 136 Mid Term Exam.docx-Part 1 of 1 - 98.42/
SCIN_136_Mid_Term_Exam.docx-Part 1 of 1 - 98.42/
SCIN 136 Mid Term Exam.docx-Part 1 ...
SCIN_136_Mid_Term_Exam.docx-Part 1 of 1 - 98.42/
Page 4
E.10 billion years
F.It is a tie with Larry King.
Feedback: Just a bit longer than Saturday Night Live has been on TV.
Question 9 of 75
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The determination of the age of rocks by studying the decay of isotopes
is called:
A.carbon-14 dating
B.relative dating
C.radiometric dating
D.absolute dating
E.internet dating
F.Facebook dating
Feedback: Carbon-14 dating is a type of radiometric dating. However Carbon-14 dating can only go back
(with current technology) about 750,000yrs and it is used to date organic/living materials. It cannot even
be used on dinosaur fossils the youngest of which is 65,000,000 yrs old much less on rocks dating back
Question 10 of 75
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The boundaries or era
s of
geologic time units
were first set by noting:
A.which rock units were found on top of others
B.the appearance and disappearance of fossils
C.changes in the predominant color of the rocks
D.the location of major faults
E.the variable location of the water table
F.They just asked Larry King.

Page 5
Feedback: These particular fossils like trilobites, brachiopods and ammonites are called
Index Fossils
because they lived only during specific periods of the Earth's history and thus their presence in a rock
formation indicates the period during which that rock formed.
Might human remains become index fossils at some point? Something to think about. Extinction isn't
nice but in the Earth's history it's normal.
Question 11 of 75
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This is another term for
Greenwich Mean Time.
Think also of the military version.
A.ZULU time
B.standard time
C.Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)
D.all of the above
E.a and c above
Feedback: There are two terms for it. One is military ZULU and the other is the civilian UTC.
Question 12 of 75
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Earth rotates ______ degrees of
each hour. Thus this is roughly equal to one time zone.
Feedback: That is why the continental U.S. has 4 time zones and Hawaii and Alaska have their own. If it
ever rotates a degree of
we're in trouble.
Question 13 of 75
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Which is the largest of the oceans?

Page 6
A.The Atlantic
B.The Southern
C.The Indian
D.The Pacific
E.the Arctic
Question 14 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
The largest region
of the Earth in terms of its
is the:
C.outer core
D.inner core
F.the current Federal deficeit
Feedback: Look at the cross-section diagram of the Earth.
Question 15 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
The reason the continents stick up higher than the ocean basins is that:
A.continents are basalt, ocean floors are quartzite
B.continents are granite, ocean floors are serpentine
C.the mantle pushes harder under continents
D.continents drain water, ocean floor rock absorbs it
E.continents are granite, ocean floors are basalt
F.the core bulges under continents

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