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SCIN 136 Mid Term Exam.docx-Part 1 of 1 - 98.42/
SCIN_136_Mid_Term_Exam.docx-Part 1 of 1 - 98.42/
SCIN 136 Mid Term Exam.docx-Part 1 ...
SCIN_136_Mid_Term_Exam.docx-Part 1 of 1 - 98.42/
Page 10 is cheap and easy will help deep sea fish glow in the dark
F.all of the above
Feedback: Cheap and easy is never a good way to solve an environmental problem. The world has seen
far too much of that already.
Question 26 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
The life span
of a
hot spo
t is thought to be about __________ years.
B.1 million
C.20 million
D.200 million
E.1 billion
Feedback: Think about the age of the entire Hawaiian Island chain from Midway (the oldest) to the new
island that is forming underwater east of the Big Island of Hawaii.
Question 27 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
A good example of a
hot spot
E.a and c
Feedback: Remember hot spots are volcanic features that are not on plate boundaries. Iceland is on the
plate boundary. Yellowstone and Hawaii are not.
Question 28 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points

Page 11
Which of the following places are part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?
E.both a and d
Question 29 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
Which of the following locations is
LEAST likely
to have a major earthquake
due to its location?
C.New Zealand
Question 30 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
The place where seismic/earthquake waves
come to the surface
and is thus usually the center of rthe
damage area and gets reported in the news is called the:
D.fault line
E.fracture zone
Question 31 of 75
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Deep-sea volcanic vents
are called:
A.subduction zones
B.island arcs

Page 12
D.ridge systems smokers
Feedback: These black-smokers contain very valuable metal sulfides that can and on a very small scale
are being mined. Many rich ore deposits on land were once undersea black-smokers that were
tectonically up-lifted.
Question 32 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
is an example of what oceanographers call:
A.a barrier island
B.a volcano
C.a ridge system
D.a tablemount/seamount
E.a rift valley
F.home of pink police vehicles
Feedback: As cited on the worksheet Bermuda has only minimal living coral.
Question 33 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
The deepest point in the oceans is found in the
A.Middle America Trench
B.Java Trench
C.Mariana Trench
D.Mid-Atlantic Ridge
E.Aleutian Trench
Question 34 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
Which of the following has the
greatest influence
on the pattern of sediment distribution on the ocean

Page 13
A.Wave action and tides.
B.Weather systems and storms.
C.Ocean floor rock types.
D.Distance from land-masses.
Feedback: Remember distance from land has a great effect on ocean sediment distribution.
Question 35 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
An underwater
down the continental slope
is called a:
A.turbidity current
B.circumpolar current
D.Agulhas current
E.Eckman spiral
Question 36 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
Manganese nodules
are found MOSTLY
(the main source) in the deep areas of which of the following
E.Both a and b
F.Both c and d
G.All of the oceans listed above

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