SCIN 136 Mid Term Exam.docx-Part 1 of 1 ...
SCIN_136_Mid_Term_Exam.docx-Part 1 of 1 - 98.42/
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SCIN 136 Mid Term Exam.docx-Part 1 of 1 - 98.42/
SCIN_136_Mid_Term_Exam.docx-Part 1 of 1 - 98.42/
SCIN 136 Mid Term Exam.docx-Part 1 ...
SCIN_136_Mid_Term_Exam.docx-Part 1 of 1 - 98.42/
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Part 1 of 1 -
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Question 1 of 75
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Early voyagers used a variety of observations to help guide them including:
A.their sense of smell formations
C.the appearance of more birds
D.the direction of waves
E.all of the above
Feedback: Think of the Polynesians.
Question 2 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
The scientific theory about the formation of the oceans is that they first formed from (the original source of
the water):
A.magma displacements.
B.comet impacts
C.degassing of the early Earth
D.all of the above
E.both b and c
Question 3 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
Besides the Navy
the primary organizations who carry out
  or proprietary ocean research
A.the U.N.
B.Green Peace
C.Sierra Club
D.oil companies.

Page 2
F.the banking industry
Feedback: One would hope that the B.P. geologists had done their geological "homework" better so that
we could have avoided the massive Gulf oil spill.
Question 4 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
What of these could and is used to monitor underwater seismic movement and thus predict tsunamis?
B.the SOSUS System
C.a chronometer
D.side-scan sonar
E.tidal cycle charts
F.boogie boards
Feedback: The SOSUS was installed in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans during the Cold War to monitor
Soviet submarines. Today it is used to monitor among other things seismic activity in the oceanic crust
and thus predict tsunamis.
Since it was never installed in the Indian Ocean since Soviet subs operation there were not a threat to
U.S. territory thus the seismic movement in 2004 was not detected and no warnings were issued thus
the huge loss of life due to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.
Question 5 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
The two types of technology that are mostly used
to monitor deep-water oil drilling and to locate and
recover deep shipwrecks are:
A.AUV's and compasses
B.ROV's and Side-scan sonar
C.GPS and radar
D.Chronometers and sextants
E.B.P. stock price forecasts and FEMA bureaucrats.

Page 3
Feedback: Remember the discussion in the Week 1-A Lesson.
Question 6 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
The reason that ancient sailors had trouble calculating their
is that they did not have
E.all of the above
Feedback: Remember the Forum 1-B questions about John Harrison.
Question 7 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
is but one of billions of stars in the ________ galaxy.
B.Milky Way
C.Almond Joy
E.Ursa Major
Question 8 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
Earth is approximately how old?
A.2500 years
B.120 million years
C.4.6 billion years
D.8.4 billion years

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