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SCIN 136 Mid Term Exam.docx-Part 1 of 1 - 98.42/
SCIN_136_Mid_Term_Exam.docx-Part 1 of 1 - 98.42/
SCIN 136 Mid Term Exam.docx-Part 1 ...
SCIN_136_Mid_Term_Exam.docx-Part 1 of 1 - 98.42/
Page 23
E.prevailing westerlies
Question 63 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
A strong wind at high LATITUDES
that influences weather patterns is called (can bring really frigid
weather in winter):
A.the jet stream
B.the easterlies
C.the upper air monsoon
D.a typhoon
E.none of the above
Feedback: Usually called the Polar Easterlies.
Question 64 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
In the vicinity of Hawaii
, the Trade Winds blow:
A.From the west towards the east
B.From the northwest towards the southeast
C.From the northeast towards the southwest
D.From the east towards the west
E.From the south towards the north
Feedback: These prevailing winds are exactly WHY the winter waves on the north shore of Oahu are
some of the biggest in the world and thus the International Surfing Championships are held there.
Question 65 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
Hurricanes and typhoons
cross the Equator due to:
A.lack of heat energy in that area

Page 24
B.strong surface ocean currents
C.lack of Coriolis spin at O-degrees latitude
D.strong seismic forces in that area
E.severe emotional depression leading to the lack of will to do so.
Feedback: Remember these storms require Coriolis spin to maintain their circulation.
Question 66 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
Hurricane season in most years in the
North Atlantic
is from:
F.just when your Time-Share is available
Feedback: That is why fancy expensive yachts leave Florida around the 1st of June and go elsewhere
like New England for the summer. They have to stay north of a line off of Cape Hatteras N.C. until early
November or they have to pay huge premiums on their hurricane-damage insurance.
Question 67 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
The seasonal wind changes that create the wet and dry seasons for
South Asia
due to the winds
blowing from the ocean or towards the ocean and thus affect the food supply for millions of people are
A.rain shadow
C.advective winds

Page 25
E.all of the above
Question 68 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
Tornadoes develop from which of the following weather phenomenon?
A.Squall-lines of thunderstorms
B.Nor' Easters
C.High Pressure Systems
D.Trade Winds
E.Polar Easterly Winds
Feedback: That is WHY they are most frequent in spring and summer yet rare in the winter.
Question 69 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
Which of the following modes of transportation causes the greatest exposure to
short-wave ionizing
A.Ship and barge transport
E.Private cars
Question 70 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points
Which of the following events would have the largest and most long-lasting impact upon the Peruvian
A.An earthquake off of Japan with a resulting tsunami.
B.A typhoon hitting Australia.
C.El Nino
D.A turbidity current off of Malaysia
Question 71 of 75
1.33/ 1.33 Points

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