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STAT-3984_-_Reading_Notes_-_Ch0-1-2.docx-STAT-3984: DATA STORY CH 0-1-2 DANIEL
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STAT-3984 - Reading Notes - Ch0-1-2.docx-STAT-3984...
STAT-3984_-_Reading_Notes_-_Ch0-1-2.docx-STAT-3984: DATA STORY CH 0-1-2 DANIEL
STAT-3984 - Reading Notes - Ch0-1-2...
STAT-3984_-_Reading_Notes_-_Ch0-1-2.docx-STAT-3984: DATA STORY CH 0-1-2 DANIEL
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STAT-3984: DATA STORY CH 0-1-2
Tell a story with the data; engages the brain better (limbic system) (133)
When we process things analytically, we are prone to more critical and
less positive thoughts (154)
Stories that capture out attention allow people to connect and feel
motivated (166)
< 5% recalled the statistics, but 63% recalled the stories because stories
activate emotions (179)
Foundation of effective communication is empathy (195)
Biggest skills gap is soft skills (e.g., writing, oral communication, time
management, etc.) (210)
CH 1: Becoming a
Communicator of
67% of job openings are for analytically enabled roles (266)
Learn how to communicate data clearly to stand out from others (271)
Some data analysts only see themselves as stewards of data and don’t
include recommendations—they say that is saved for the higher ups (284)
You must learn how to communicate where data is suggesting the
organization should go (288)
Learn to present recommendations well to become a trusted advisor (295)
Three ways to use data as a magical tool: reactive, proactive, predictive
Three levels of decisions made: discrete (produce a chart or verify a data
point), operational (assessing an ongoing feed or performance data—real-
time dashboards), and strategic (synthesizing information from various
sources to determine an organization’s future) (315)
Overreliance on data to drive decisions can lead to analysis paralysis, as
data is primarily historical—need to give data a voice; it doesn’t simply
speak for itself (337)
Analytical processes prove a point; creative processes move to action
Still use intuition; put data in context before making decisions—use gut
feeling; envision the future (368)
CH 2: Communicating
to Decision-Makers
Know the decision-maker (396); the higher their level of authority, the
more structured and brief your approach should be; be prepared for
rigorous and intrusive questioning (400)
Speak shorthand (use familiar language), prove your point (be exhaustive
by including an appendix), get to the point (write brief, logical, rigorous
Respect their time
Drive up revenue, profit, market share, retention
Drive down costs, time to market, risk
Some executives read every single word of a large report, but others only
like brief summaries
More visual: presentation; less visual: conversation, text, email; middle:
one-pager attachment
Expect questions and interruptions
Daniel T. Eisert

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