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Study_Guide_2_JCM_100_FA182.doc-JCM 100 Study Guide for Exam
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Study Guide 2 JCM 100 FA182.doc-JCM 100 Study Guid...
Study_Guide_2_JCM_100_FA182.doc-JCM 100 Study Guide for Exam
Study Guide 2 JCM 100 FA182.doc-JCM...
Study_Guide_2_JCM_100_FA182.doc-JCM 100 Study Guide for Exam
Page 3
--Why, according to a CONSTRUCTIONIST view, does it not matter what the colors of a
stoplight are? (p. 12)
--How does the word “Black” change meanings over time? (p. 17)
--What is the difference between connotation and denotation? (p. 23-24)
Identity Lecture:
--What is identity (3 things)?
--What classifications of identities are there?
--Why is discussing identity relevant?
--Why is considering that as an identity, mixed race individuals will not peacefully unite
racial groups potentially
more true
Semiotics: how is it defined? What’s the formula for a SIGN?
--What is the signifier?
--What is the signified?
--What is denotation vs connotation?
Screening Question: How did we use Vin Diesel’s character in
to discuss semiotics of how he
displayed different identities? The
Beyonce: Empty Signifier
video we watched?
Final thoughts:
Remember the examples that came up in class with each of the big topics.
documentary lecture
we watched
Koyannisqatsi, Arrival of a Train, Basic Training,
Make sure you watch
Beyonce: The Empty Signifier
(the links to both of these pieces are up
on the Blackboard page in the Week 10 folder)

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