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Topic_13_-_Digestion.docx-Topic 13 – Digestion  What
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Topic 13 - Digestion.docx-Topic 13 – Digestion  W...
Topic_13_-_Digestion.docx-Topic 13 – Digestion  What
Topic 13 - Digestion.docx-Topic 13 ...
Topic_13_-_Digestion.docx-Topic 13 – Digestion  What
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Appetite and eating behavior are controlled by the brain, but activity in the brain
responds to several hormones that are produced in the digestive organs
The four hormones shown on the diagram (notice the source of each) are all only
partially understood
Notice that all of these hormones act through the hypothalamus
PYY = Peptide YY from ileum of small intestine
Ghrelin from stomach
Insulin from pancreas
Leptin from fat cells

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