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Types_of_Intelligence.doc-March 4 th Types of Intelligence
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Types of Intelligence.doc-March 4 th Types of Inte...
Types_of_Intelligence.doc-March 4 th Types of Intelligence
Types of Intelligence.doc-March 4 t...
Types_of_Intelligence.doc-March 4 th Types of Intelligence
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March 4
Types of Intelligence
Throughout time man has been on a quest for the understanding of intelligence and how the
reasoning, understanding, and comparable forms of
activity; aptitude in
seizing truths, relationships,
actualities, connotations, or
works given. There
are so many factors involved. There are psychologist who suggests there are two different types
of intelligence, the fluid intelligence and the crystalline intelligence. And Alfred Gardner who
developed the eight types of intelligences.
The fluid intelligence refers to the capabilities we possess to process information, our
reasoning, and the memory, a cranial ability and at times genetically affected. Whereas,
crystalline intelligence is the intelligence that has been gathered over the years such as skills,
information, our ability to work with our hands, and strategies that have been learned through
practical experience which one has gained through life. Jobs such as a mason or a field in which
one serves as an apprentice would satisfy the crystalline intelligence...
Psychologist Howard Gardner a psychologist and professor at Harvard, Alfred Gardner was
first to ask the question, “How are you smart?” instead of, “How smart are you?” He developed
multiple intelligences in 1983.was the first person to develop the theory of, multiple intelligence,
and eight to be exact, independent of the other. However, at times they do work together. These
intelligences are; musical intelligence, bodily kinesthetic intelligence, logical/mathematical
intelligence, linguistic intelligence, spatial intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal
intelligence, and naturalist intelligence. When discussing these it is important to understand the
logic behind them.

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Musical intelligence incorporates those that have a unique understanding of music and the
fields which surround it. This intelligence of music incorporates the skills within music, all of
them, tone, sheet music, rhythm, etc. The musician has made music their life, and the others
involved in the music industry.
Bodily kinetics intelligence refers to the ability to use the entire body or portions of one body
for a solution to an issue or in selling products. According to Gardner they are represented by
dancers, surgeons, actors and athletes.
Logical-Mathematical intelligence is distinguished by a person’s ability to solve problems
which are involving math or science. This astuteness is great with figures and scientific
problems. Careers include teaching, scientist or a field involving numbers such as an accountant.
Linguist intelligence is the innate use of language to inform, articulate, moderate various
situations suitably and have it understood by societies of all types. Linguistic intelligence is best
selected for careers as in the speech writers, diplomat, orator or writer. People with linguistic
intelligence would make a perfect letter to the editor columnist. This type of position would
reflect well on the readers or viewers.
Spatial intelligence is having a good eye for objects and comparisons in your mind
known as spatial configuration. ”Natives of the Turk Islands navigate at sea without instruments.
During the actual trip, the reference island as it passes under a particular star and from that he
computes the number of segments completed the proportion of the trip remaining and any
corrections in heading.” (Feldman, 2010)
People excell with interior design or photography.
Intrapersonal intelligence is having the ability t understand oneself. It is knowing what
you can or cannot do, knowing what your responsibilities are and how to handle them, how to
react to them. It is knowing what you want to do, how to react to issues and when to react in the

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