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University_of_Phoenix_-_CJA_324_CJA_324_WEEK_4_ASSIGNMENT.docx-Ethical Dilemma Worksheet CJA/324 Version 3
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University of Phoenix - CJA 324 CJA 324 WEEK 4 ASS...
University_of_Phoenix_-_CJA_324_CJA_324_WEEK_4_ASSIGNMENT.docx-Ethical Dilemma Worksheet CJA/324 Version 3
University of Phoenix - CJA 324 CJA...
University_of_Phoenix_-_CJA_324_CJA_324_WEEK_4_ASSIGNMENT.docx-Ethical Dilemma Worksheet CJA/324 Version 3
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Ethical Dilemma Worksheet
CJA/324 Version 3
University of Phoenix Material
Ethical Dilemma Worksheet
Incident Review
What is the ethical issue or problem? Identify the issue succinctly.
The issue is a corrections officer with the ethical dilemma of a recommendation for the
husband who is convicted of a 3
offense of DUI and a diagnosed medical condition of Post-
Traumatic Stress Disorder. Should the corrections office base his recommendation taking
into account husband’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or just base on a literal interpretation
of the law?
What are the most important facts? Which facts have the most bearing on the ethical
decision presented? Include any important potential economic, social, or political pressures,
and exclude inconsequential facts.
The husband served to our country, he was POW, and this resulted in extreme traumatic.
The fact of the third conviction cannot be ignored. Social and political pressures may force
the judge to sentence the husband harshly, regardless of past trauma
Identify each claimant (key actor) who has an interest in the outcome of this ethical issue.
From the perspective of the moral agent—the individual contemplating an ethical course of
action—what obligation is owed to the claimant? Why?
(key actor)
(owed to the
Perspective (What does the claimant hope will happen?)
This claimant would prefer that his past trauma be taken into
account along with his beneficence crime
The Judge
Fidelity, Non-
This claimant would prefer an unbiased objective outcome
based on facts according to the agreement with the Moral
This claimant would like justice served, according to literal
interpretation of the law.

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Ethical Dilemma Worksheet
CJA/324 Version 3
Evaluating Alternatives
What are two alternatives for the scenario? One alternative can be a wild card that you
ordinarily may not consider an option because of potential implications. Both should be within
free will and control of the same moral agent.
Alternative A
Alternative B
The Moral Agent could ask for more
detailed evaluation.
The husbands doctor could address the
idea of long-term psychiatric care.
Respond to the following questions based on your developed alternatives.
Alternative A
Alternative B
What are the best- and
worst-case scenarios if
you choose this
Best case scenario- more
detailed evaluation may help
the probation officer in making
the recommendation for the
best sentencing. Worst case
scenario the husband will
receive the maximum
Best case scenario would be that
the husband would be treated for
his trauma as opposed to jail.
Worst case scenario the husband
refused the treatment and go to
Will anyone be harmed if
this alternative is chosen?
If so, how will they be
harmed? Consider
families and derivative
If the husband goes to jail it
could possibly happen.
No, if the husband accepts the
Would honoring an idea
or value—such as
personal, professional, or
religious—make the
alternative invalid?
Are there any rules, laws,
or principles that support
the alternative? Are there
rules, laws, or principles
that make the alternative
invalid? State the rule or
principle and indicate if it
invalidates or supports
the alternative.

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