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W2016_PCS130Course_management_form.pdf-Ryerson University Faculty Science Department of
W2016 PCS130Course management form....
W2016_PCS130Course_management_form.pdf-Ryerson University Faculty Science Department of
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Before each lab session, students
download the PCS130 Lab procedures manual from the physics
lab website and familiarize themselves with the physics of the experiment to be performed. This requires
reading the description of the experiment in the manual and the appropriate sections of the textbook.
also prepare the necessary tables for data acquisition and data analysis, and study the list
of pre-lab questions posted on the physics lab website.
At the beginning of each lab session, students have
to answer a pre-lab quiz. A student who arrives late is not given extra time to write the quiz.
At the end of each lab session each member of the group
is responsible
for having a record of the data
acquired. All members of the group
are collectively responsible
for giving a copy of the data sheet to the
TA. Each member of the group
has to keep
a record of the data.
A report of the experiment
has to be written
jointly by the group and submitted to the TA (in person)
within a week
from the date of the experiment. Consult the website for report content guidelines, submission
guidelines and late submission penalties.
A student who did not perform an experiment cannot add his/her name to a lab report as they will
be liable for academic misconduct.
Students should be aware that the laboratory portion of the course is required: no passing grade
will be assigned unless a satisfactory mark is obtained for the lab attendance and performance of the
experiments as well as the required reports.
Policy on missed labs:
If you were (or know you will be) absent from your regularly scheduled lab session of the
week due to
extenuating circumstances
, then note the following: you must contact the
First Year Science office (FYSO) as soon as possible, explain these circumstances in
written form (either by e-mail or on paper) and provide supporting documentation.
Assuming you will obtain permission from the FYSO, this office will contact your
professor and the lab coordinator.
Arrangements will be made with the lab coordinator for
a make-up lab, ideally before the end of the two weeks cycle when all other sections
perform that experiment. Otherwise the makeup will be postponed until the end of the labs
You will have to complete
five assignments
by visiting
. This site requires that
you have a valid MasteringPhysics account.
If you used MasteringPhysics in the Fall 2015 semester you
will use the same username and password. Students who have not previously used MasteringPhysics will
need to register and require a student access code.
Make sure you inform your instructor as soon as
possible if you cannot access MasteringPhysics
. The first assignm
ent “Introduction to Mastering
Physics” will not be graded, but is provided to get you acquainted with using the system.
You will
given any consideration for technical problems in the other graded assignments if you do not complete the
first assignment.
Communication with Students:
Ryerson’s email policy
clearly states that only Ryerson e-
mail accounts are to be used for communication with students. All students, including continuing education
students, have access to Ryerson email through their my.ryerson.ca site, and this is the official way in
which they receive communication. They are required to register for and maintain this account.
sent from other accounts will not be answered.
Missing graded work and academic consideration:
A student who cannot be present for any graded work (labs, assignments, midterm test or final
exam) must contact the First Year Science Office prior to the time of the evaluation or within a
period of three days as stated in Senate
policy 134
. You must submit an Academic Consideration

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