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What is the purpose of the EDRM?
The purpose of the EDRM is to create praccal resources to improve e-discovery and informaon
governance. EDRM was founded by an aorney named Georhe Socha and a technologist named Tom
Gelbmann. EDRM was launched in May 2005 to address the lack of standards and guidelines in the
electronic discovery industry. Founded by aorney George Socha and technologist Tom Gelbmann,
EDRM was launched in May 2005 to address the lack of standards and guidelines in the e-discovery
industry. As e-discovery changes in the future, EDRM is working on shaping the evoluon of e-discovery.
How many stages are there?
There are nine stages in the EDRM. The stages are informaon governance, idenficaon, preservaon,
collecon, processing, review, analysis, producon, and presentaon.
Briefly summarize each stage of the process.
Informaon governance is about geng your electronic house in order to migate risk and expenses
from inial creaon of ESI through its final disposion. Idenficaon stage is about locaon potenal
sources of ESI and determining its scope, breadth, and depth. Next stage is preservaon which is
ensuring that ESI is protected against inappropriate destrucon. Aſter preservaon is collecon which is
gathering the ESI for processing, review, and analysis. The ESI is being processed and converted to forms
which is more suitable for review and analysis. The ESI is now being reviewed and evaluated for
relevance and privilege. Aſter reviewing the ESI, it is now ready for the analysis, and it is being evaluated
for content and context, including key paerns, topics, people and discussion. The next stage is
producon which is delivering the ESI to others in appropriate forms and using delivery mechanisms
appropriately. Finally, the last stage is presentaon which displays the ESI before audiences to elicit
further informaon, validate exisng facts, and/or persuade an audience.
What is the significance of the words "Volume" and "Relevance" that are found at the boom of the
On the boom the graphic, the words “Volume” and “Relevance” are located there represenng lines.
One line is decreasing downward marking “Volume,” and the other line is increasing upward marking
“Relevance.” The word “Volume” on the boom of the graphic shows that the quanty on the
informaon decreases as the e-discovery process moves forward. The word “Relevance” shows that the
data set becomes more relevant as it moves through the process.
The EDRM is a useful tool for visualizing the steps of the eDiscovery process. But how could this tool be
useful for Records Managers or Aorneys in their daily pracce?
This tool can be useful for Records Managers and Aorneys in their daily pracce because since they
have to find, collect, and produce data for their job, they can use the EDRM process to follow along. The
EDRM is shaping the future of e-discovery, so the aorneys must use this tool to follow along as it
shapes the future of legal profession too.