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Week 7 Lab Worksheet.
How do the long strands of DNA fit into the nucleus of a single cell?
The long DNA strands wrap around histone proteins and coil back onto itself packing ghtly
inside the nucleus.
Why is a sports drink used to collect the cheek cells instead of water?
The sports drink contains a similar isotonic levels so the cells do not break open and release DNA
in the drink.
What does the cell lysis soluon do to the cell membranes?
The cell lysis soluon breaks open the cells so that the DAN strands can come out.
Why can you see the extracted DNA with the naked eye?
Because each DNA strand is so long, almost ten feet, and we are clumping so many together the
large mass gets big enough for us to actually see without a microscope.
What do you think sciensts can do with extracted DNA from a human being or any organism?
Sciensts can do genome tesng, solve criminal cases, create disease treatments and cures not
only for humans but all organisms, and even idenfy service members who died in wars from
long ago.