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What_to_Know_from_Book_Notes_2.docx-Ecology BI 370 Professor Chapter 5
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What to Know from Book Notes 2.docx-Ecology BI 370...
What_to_Know_from_Book_Notes_2.docx-Ecology BI 370 Professor Chapter 5
What to Know from Book Notes 2.docx...
What_to_Know_from_Book_Notes_2.docx-Ecology BI 370 Professor Chapter 5
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BI 370
Chapter 5
Know vocabulary in context: autotroph, heterotrophy, light compensation point,
light saturation, photorespiration, optimal foraging, etc.
How do plants adjust to low light levels?
Fundamental differences among C3, C4, CAM
Don’t worry about marginal value theorem or behavior
Chapter 6
Much of this chapter should be review; focus on fundamental vocabulary, make sure
you can explain adaptive evolution, for example, but you don’t have to
memorize all of the examples given in the book.
Know the constraints on
adaptive evolution.
Understand how gene flow can limit adaptive evolution,
think of other examples.
Chapter 7
Understand the r-K continuum
Know the Grime model,understand the purpose of Charnov’s life history analysis
There are many examples given of the trade-offs that we talked about in lecture –
understand them, don’t need to memorize specifics
Chapter 8
Clones, genets, ramets, dispersal limitation
What biotic and abiotic features of the environment can limit population ranges?
Give a few examples
Regular, random, clumped distributions – what causes them, what is most common
When to use quadrat vs. mark-recapture methods of estimating population sizes
Understand the niche model method in general terms, don’t worry about GARP
Chapter 9
Understand cohort life table vs. static life table, but I’ll never ask you to construct
one on a test
Understand how age structure and population size can be predicted from life table
Population growth math is only to support what I present in clas

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