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cover_letter_and_job_listing_example_1.docx-Keyi Deng 701S Gregory Street Urbana,
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cover_letter_and_job_listing_example_1.docx-Keyi Deng 701S Gregory Street Urbana,
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Keyi Deng
701S Gregory Street
Urbana, IL 61801
October 15, 2017
Dana Ritzcovan, Managing Director and Head of Human Resources 
UBS Private Wealth Management
3102 West End Ave
Nashville, TN 37203
Dear Dana Ritzcovan,
I realize that your company has been one of the
leading wealth management companies in over the
world. With a global perspective, UBS brings comprehensive financial advice to wealthy, institutional
and corporate clients worldwide.
As a student who wants to be in the
wealth management
field in the
future, I am writing in response to the job posting on
August 20, 2017, for the Client Service Associate
Internship on the UBS job search website. I would like to be considered for this internship position
and honored to be part of the USB team.
I believe that my three previous internships in financial-
related companies, academic training in
wealth management
at the University of Illinois- Urbana
Champaign, and my involvement in student business organizations prepare me well for this position.
In summer 2017, I had an internship at the headquarters of Woori Bank in Seoul, South Korea. As a
member of the global business support team, I had
evaluated 18 correspondent bank applications
from foreign banks and facilitated transferring in client assets between Woori and six other
I also have confidence with the
preparation of reports
and other materials as I had done
financial reports
at Woori as well. The things I had done at Woori Bank were similar to what the Client
Service Associate position requires an intern to do.
I am comfortable in a diverse and international
work environment.
In addition to the employment history, my academic performances bring me a strong background in
wealth management
My major courses like
Introduction to Insurance and Risk Management,
Personal Financial Planning, and Tax Planning
have prepared me for being a professional at a wealth
management company like UBS. Also, I had experience in working on
extensive collaborate projects
for business communication in the Principle of Business Communication course
Moreover, I was
one of the top students in my
rhetoric and public speaking course
. I am an
excellent communicator
with solid interpersonal skills which had been mentioned in the job posting
Therefore, I believe I
am well-prepared for this role.
enclosed resume
provides more detailed information about my academic education and
professional experiences.
I would love to hear back and receive an interview.
If you have any questions
regarding my resume, please contact me by
email at
or by phone at (312)
Keyi Deng
Enclosure: Resume

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