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docx_-_2020-07-15T131744.204.docx-Discuss the value of nursing theory
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Discuss the value of nursing theory to the profession of nursing.
Identify one way in which you could use nursing theory to improve
your practice (present or future role). Provide a reference for your
McEwen & Wills, (2014) defines nursing theory as a “set of
interpretative assumptions, principles, or propositions that help explain
or guide action” (p.25). This means that nurses use nursing theory as a
sort of guideline to set specific principles for the practice of nursing.
Nursing theory is important to the profession of nursing because it
provides a foundation and format to the understanding of nursing
practice. Nursing theory offers an organized way of gathering
information to explain and foresee nursing practice.
It endorses
coherent and methodical practice by thought-provoking instinct.
Nursing theory provides the foundation for evidenced-based-practice.
Such as Florence Nightingale’s mission to provide more sanitary
conditions for soldiers during the Crimean War this theory was then
researched throughout the years and postulated the evidence
necessary for evidence-based-practice that sanitation, cleanliness and
foods high in nutrition benefited sick and injured patients (McEwen &
Wills, 2014).
Just the other day I was taking care of a patient and when I left the
room a nurse at our facility that focuses on patient satisfaction and
intervenes when there is a patient complaint came up to me and said
you’re using the AIDET Guide and you didn’t even know it. AIDET is an
acronym that stands for Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation
and Thank you. The AIDET Guide is a theory that is used to improve
communication between healthcare providers and patients. First you
acknowledge the patient by their name, then you introduce yourself
and tell them what your role is. Such as, “My name is Kristen I’m a
nurse on the unit”. The next two steps can be interchangeable such as
explaining what you are going to be doing and the duration or how
long it may take for example, “I’m going to give you, your pain
medication Toradol right now it can usually take about 15-30 minutes
before you feel any relief”. Then I thank the patient for allowing me to
do what I need to do. Since I’m a floor nurse and have the same
patients usually for the duration of the day I always give the patients a
time-frame of when I’ll be back as well. AIDET is a theory that is being
used to help improve patient satisfaction which will in turn increase the
amount hospitals are reimbursed allowing us nurses to have more

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