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docx 4.docx-TOPIC 2 DISCUSSION QUESTION 2 October
docx_4.docx-TOPIC 2 DISCUSSION QUESTION 2 October
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docx_4.docx-TOPIC 2 DISCUSSION QUESTION 2 October
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October 11, 2017
Select an example of a global biome and an example of an ecosystem found in that global biome
(grassland, forest, desert). What kind of animals and plants would you expect to make up that
ecosystem? Provide one symbioc relaonship example within your selected ecosystem (such as
mutualism, commensalism, and predator prey).
There are different types of relaonships:
Mutualism – Individuals of both species benefit (i.e., ox-pecker, a type of bird, eang parasites from
Parasism – Individuals of one species feed from individuals of the other species, causing them harm
without necessarily killing them (e.g., tape worm, cks, bot flies). This also is somemes grouped with
predaon because both are consumpon.
Predaon – Individuals of one species kill and consume individuals of the other species.
Commensalism – Individuals of one species benefit, but the other is not hurt or harmed (e.g., a bird nest
in a tree doesn't hurt the tree, a scavenger that eats the leſt overs that have been abandoned by a
Compeon – Individuals of both species use either the same food, water, or shelter type, so they are
compeng with each other like a sports game.
Good evening, Professor, and class.
I chose wetlands, which is a freshwater biome, and is a part of the aquac ecosystem. Freshwater
biomes include rivers, streams, ponds, lakes and wetlands. It has been noted that wetlands are among
the most producve ecosystems in the world (2017). Wetlands consist of aquac plants such as caails,
sedges, cypress and gum. The animal species of the wetlands include mammals, birds, insects, reples,
and amphibians.
An example of the parasism relaonship in the wetlands would be between the leeches and fish. The
leech latches onto the fish and sucks on the fish’s blood, which can cause pain to the fish. In this
relaonship, the leeches benefit because they are more likely to be the survivor of this situaon, as they
drain the fish of its life force.

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