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exam2studyguide.doc-CMN exam 2 study guide Occasio...
exam2studyguide.doc-CMN exam 2 study guide Occasions
exam2studyguide.doc-CMN exam 2 stud...
exam2studyguide.doc-CMN exam 2 study guide Occasions
Page 3
-we don’t want Soviet Union to take control of these countries
-blunt transition to strategy of transition--seek to scare hell out of American people
-Plays on traditional American values that Roosevelt talked about
-Rhetorical asset to Truman--continuing current policy because people liked
-we expect VPs to continue policy of President we elect
-Truman carries out Roosevelts plans
--Fear appeals--gives either/or choice
-we like freedom--inclined to support “God Terms” things we like
-terror= “Devil Terms”--what we don’t like--suppression, oppression
--parallel structure--form of a creed “I Believe”--if you are an American you believe in the
idea of freedom
==Greece and Turkey are important strategically--
-beautifully structured speech --each topic is explained and why we need to help, tied
together at the end
-way you persuade a person depends on occasion
Forensic Address-courtroom--breaking rules
the key issue is justice
the time frame is the past
the key form of argument is deducction
the key form of evidence is authority
they style is middle--informal moments, personal eloquent
key mode of proof is ethos or character--connect person to an act--Jordan
demonstrates herself as trustworthy
--many argue that what they did was wrong but try to justify it
--establish facts about what happened in the past
--speeches about impeachment reference Alexander Hamilton and Federalist papers
--make arguments saying “this is not that sort of person”
--battle of authority--huge difference between Jordan and Nixon
--when a president is involved in a scandal they say it is partisan to make it seem not
--speech aired on a local station
--Jordan had a good speaking voice--delivery advantage
Structure: criteria, narrative, conclusion--legal brief, acting as a lawyer
Authority evidence--uses the constitution a lot
Definition--criteria, what are Nixon’s acts
Personalization/ehos-her struggle, President violated what she fought for
Implicit refutation-turn him over for trial

Page 4
--------you can’t just impeach a bad president, he has to have committed a crime
Epideictic Address engages in communal definition
The key issue is honor/dishonor
the key time is the present
the style is high
they key strategy is amplification-to pile up
the key appeals ten to be values and experience
the key source of invention is memoria
the speaker performs; the audience judges the performance--understanding, are
we comforted
--identity speech
--on ceremonial occasion--union address, memorial, anniversaries, Gettysburg
*genre depends on occasion
--honor people or ideals we hold dear
--shape us as a commnity at this very moment
no refutation, policy, or arguments
not asked for judgements on policy
judge speaker throughout the speech, whether it is good or not
*explains who we are and why we are that way
Reagan’s Address on the 40th Anniversary of D-Day
setting and scene were planned
no manuscript, put speech on large notecards, still able to make eye contact and
looks very professional, has a controlled delivery
Reagan’s Strategies
Narrative--display values--very experienced communicator
a. helped him to adopt a persona--played the narrator
b. he shaped speeches into stories--gave them structure
Virtual experience--audience was not there so he explained and told stories--
create experience for us
Depiction--panted images with words
a. looked at speeches through eyes of an actor
b. painting pictures--way to create virtual experience
4.Synecdoche-reflects representation and grounds to democracy--rangers stand in for
everyone similar to how our representative stand in for us

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