module 1.docx-Module 1 For this assignme...
module_1.docx-Module 1 For this assignment, I
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module 1.docx-Module 1 For this assignment, I
module_1.docx-Module 1 For this assignment, I
module 1.docx-Module 1 For this ass...
module_1.docx-Module 1 For this assignment, I
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Module 1
For this assignment, I chose “Charing Cross Bridge” by André Derain. This work was made
throughout 1905 and 1906, using oil on canvas. In this painng, a vague bridge shape, as well as
what appears to be a city skyline, can be seen. The bridge and skyline are offset by bright,
pastel colors that make up the sky in an unconvenonal way. The sky is not all one color, but
instead has different “blocks” of color which make up the enre sky. There also appears to be a
walkway of flowers which leads towards the bridge and the skyline, and rests on water. I think
that the arst is trying to show the observer how dynamic a skyline could be, especially around
dawn or dusk. By blocking colors instead of making the sky one color, Derain emphasizes the
wide range of colors that can be seen in a sunrise or sunset. The darkness of the skyline
contrasts with the multude of colors seen in the sky, thus further emphasizing the dynamics of
the color changes in the sky. The water is also very muted, which allows the sky to be the focal
point of the painng. The arst was successful in creang a work that mirrored a societal
experience, because he makes the viewer feel as if they were watching a sunset or sunrise over
a bridge. The colors of the bridge and skyline are realisc enough that the viewer can sll tell
what they are, while the sky is abstract enough to actually mimic how dynamic dusk and dawn
can be.

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